3 Star rating
Howl for It
Shelly Laurenston
Cynthia Eden
ISBN# 9780758273444

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howl-for-it-pride-shelly-laurenston-cynthia-edenShelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden have teamed up with their shapeshifting stories to bring us this fun book.  I’ve broken down my thoughts on the two stories below.

3 Star rating
Like a Wolf with a Bone
Pride, Book #0.5
By Shelly Laurenston
Author’s Website:

Egbert ‘Eggie’ Ray Smith is on a forced leave from the Marines, much to his dismay.  He is the most reviled of all the Smith brothers, and is a trained assassin.  But after dropping his brothers off at the Lewis house to see their mates, Eggie sees the youngest Lewis girl, Darla Mae.  Eggie is instantly attracted, but knows she is too good for the likes of him.  But when full humans come with the intent to kill, he takes action, saving her life and sweeping her off to his house in Tennesse.  He will do anything to keep her safe and make her his!

This is the first story I’ve read from Laurenston, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but it really wasn’t this.  There are so many shapeshifter stories out there and I don’t feel that this one had anything to really set it apart from all the others.

It also had some obnoxious traits in it, for instance the fact that all the Smith brothers were mated to one of the Lewis girls seemed a little too close for comfort for me.  What are they the only wolf families in town?  Come on, expand the gene pool a little bit!  I’m getting flashes of Hot Shot from the Sookie Stackhouse series where everybody is inbred in this town’s near future!!  I also found the names annoying … all the smith boys with Ray at the end and all the Lewis girls with Mae at the end.  It was just a little too country for my liking.

Eggie and Darla were okay characters, although I think they got along a little too much, no fighting or arguing is pretty unrealistic.  But overall I just didn’t see anything all that great about either character.  I really hope the series improves as it progresses.

3 Star rating
Wed of Dead
By Cynthia Eden
Author’s Website:

This is a story by another new-to-me author.  And I must say it drew me in quick, hit hard, and didn’t let go!  I really enjoyed this story and only wish it was part of a series!

After Kayla Kincaid lost her family to an attack by a wolf shifter, she and her only remaining relative, her brother Jonah, joined the ranks of the hunters.  Killing the shifters that prey on innocent humans.

Kayla’s latest mission is to get close to wolf shifter alpha, Gage Riley, and kill him.  Getting close to Gage is how Kayla finds herself in a Vegas chapel marrying the sexy alpha.  But she refuses to kill him until after she’s at least sampled his body!!  But shortly after they are attacked by other hunters and she makes a split-second decision to protect Gage, putting her on the outs with her team and their leader that has more secrets than any of them ever could have expected!

This story was just a lot of fun.  It kept me hooked and was an easy, fast read!

I enjoyed both Gage and Kayla.  Gage was sexy male wolf personified and would do anything to protect his mate and his pack.  Kayla could kick butt in her own right, but does suffer from what so many leading gals do, the need to be a better person and save those her guy would rather put an end to!  The story would have ended much quicker without that need!  But the story was still good.

Overall Thoughts:  This was a decent read, and one any shifter fan will enjoy!  Even though I gave these two stories the same rating, I did enjoy the second story, Wed of Dead a bit more!!  I’m looking forward to reading more from these authors!