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House of Night


A: Aphrodite LaFonte (at the 1st book Zoey’s enemy).
Air (Damien’s element).

B: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Zoey’s favorite book).
Brown pop (Non-diet – Zoey’s favorite drink).
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (Where Zoey comes from).
Beezlebub (Shaunee and Erins cat).

C: Count Chocula cereals (Zoey’s favorite breakfast).
Connecticut (Where Shaunee comes from).
Country (All about Stevie Rae is country and she loves country music).

D: Damien Maslin (One of Zoey’s best friends).
Dallas, Texas (Where Damien comes from).

E: Erin Bates (One part of the nerd-herd and one of Zoey’s best friends).
Erik Night (The vampire Zoey falls in love with).
Elements (There are 5 elements Zoey can handle).
Earth (Stevie Rae’s Element).

F: Fledgeling (New marked vampire).
Fire (Shaunee’s element).

G: Grader (It’s the classes at HoN 3rd grader, 4th grader …).

H: Heffer, Linda and John (Zoey’s parents).
House of Night (school where Zoey needs to go now).
Henrietta, Oklahoma (Where Stevie Rae comes from).
Heath Luck (Zoey’s human boyfriend).

I: Imprinting (Humans and vampires can imprint).

J: Jealousy (Heath has many jealousy problems).

K: Kenny Chesney (Stevie Rae’s favorite singer).

L: Lankford, Dragon (Damien’s mentor at HoN).
Loren Blake (Teacher at HoN).

M: Marked (The book’s title).
Montgomery (The last name Zoey was born).
MTV (TV-station Zoey likes most).
‘Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again’ (Greeting at house of night).

N: Neferet (Zoey’s mentor at House of Night).
Nala (Zoey’s cat).
Nyx (goddess).

O: Oklahoma (Where the House of Night is located).

P: Priestess (Neferet is the High Priestess in Tulsa when Zoey starts there).
Q: Questions (Zoey has many questions about her new life).

R: Redbird (The name Zoey is using after she entered the HoN).
Roper jeans and cowboy boots (Stevie Rae’s favorite clothes).

S: Silvia Redbird (Zoey’s grandma).
Stevie Rae Johnson (Zoey’s room-mate and best friend at HoN).
Shaunee Cole (one part of the nerd-herd and one of Zoey’s best friends).
Spirit (the 5th element only Zoey can handle).

T: Tattoo (all vampires have one).
Tulsa, Oklahoma (Where Aphrodite and Erin comes from).

U: Unusual (Zoey is very unusual she craves blood, and has an affinity for all five elements)

V: Vampyre (House of Night is a school for new vampires).
Visions (Aphrodite has  prophetic visions).

W: Water (Erin’s element).

X: X-mas (Zoey is born on December 24).

Y: Young (Everyone at Tulsa House of Night looks young, even when they are actually very old).

Z: Zoey (The main-character).