PC’s (PC & Kristen Cast – authors of The House of Night series) blog:

Today I had to run downtown to Dwelling Spaces, the lovely little store where Kristin and I get all our ‘I heart Tulsa’ shirts (I was getting more shirts for prizes!) and I drove past the Tulsa Depot – which made me think of TEMPTED – which made me stop and snap a couple quick phone pictures for y’all. Yes, major action takes place on the roof of this building (as well as under it in the tunnels, of course). So I thought I’d post these and tease you by telling you after you’ve read chapter 36 in TEMPTED you’re going to rush back to gawk at these pictures. I’m just sayin…


I am terribly excited for the next House of Night Series release. If you haven’t read these books, you are missing out.

If you have read them, do you like the House of Night series?