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I Liked the first movie of Narnia, I hadn’t heard of the books at that time, so the movie was a different experience for me from all of the Christianity they talked about. I just saw it as another fantasy kids movie. The second one was sad, I have to admit, all those deaths were just sad. Another reason why they might have not worked as they hoped to, must have been because of the time line they use. If you want to understand everything you must read The Magician’s Nephew first. Two movies with the four kids would have been good, also the excuse why Susan doesn’t come back for the last book, is kinda boring. Just my thought.

There are so many reasons why movies don’t work. Some might be tired of book adaptations, other want more. No one knows. Why do you think Narnia movies aren’t working? Would you want another one?

What did you think of the Norse Deity casted in Thor? What do you think of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

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