The la times have an exclusive look at how casting for The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen is going! Check it out here

Hmmm. There have been quite a few names thrown around on who should play Katniss- especially with the critical acclaim the books have received. Who would you like to see play Katniss, if it was entirely up to you?

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite in a comedy about alien life in the form of a foul mouthed, crude, heavy smoking alien named Paul. Digitaltrends have an article on it here

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are such a winning pair that I have to say, I may actually be roped into going to see this. What do you think of it?

The Buffy battle continues! According to eonline, there’s another contender. Have a read of the article here

I giggled when Heather Morris said she wanted to pee with excitement over being considered for Buffy. I am still not sold on a new Buffy though

Avatar, most pirated film of 2010? Say it isn’t so! The herald sun seems to think so. Read more here

Any surprises here? Really? (I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed i haven’t  seen it yet! Any thoughts??)

Gravity another Aeon flux? Read more here

It’s always so sad when people predict the complete bellyflop of a project before it’s even taken off. It’s sort of fated to fail from the get go.

Chris Evans talks about his inspiration for Cap over at the belfast telegraph. Read more here

All I can really say to this article is “awww”. Oh, wait, one more thing. I’m getting more and more convinced that Chris Evans is goingto be able to pull Cap off. What do you think?

The Baltimore Sun has an article on ‘The Raven’ , where John Cusack plays Edgar Alan Poe. Read it here

What do you think of this movie?

The battle of Jeff Bridges and his face in Tron Legacy – read about it over at

I don’t know how this is doing in the States, but i haven’t seen very favourable reviews here in Australia. Have you seen Tron Legacy? What did you think?

Breck Eisner, McG To Possibly Direct Universal’s ‘Ouija’. Read more here

Interesting concept for a movie. could go really, really well; or really, really badly. What do you think?

Eric Bana will become Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter! Here about it here

I’m always so thrilled to see Eric Bana in these types of movies, especially since his career started as a humble comedian on a comedy skit show in Australia. Yay, Eric! Do you think he suits the role?

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