3 Star rating
Hot Fudge Frame-Up
A Fudge Shop Mystery, Book #2
By Christine DeSmet
ISBN# 9780451416483
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hot-fudge-frame-up-fudge-shop-mystery-christine-desmetThis was a good book but not one of my favorite cozy mysteries. This takes place in a small coastal town. Ava Oosterling is trying to make a go of her fudge business and they have decided to have a fudge contest for publicity. But things start falling apart quickly when the two other contestants have it out with each other any chance they get and then you have a lot of cheating going on behind the scences.

Ava gets a message that she is going to have to move from the home she’s lived in since coming back a year ago and has to move into the back room that is her fudge shop and her grandfathers bait shop. The one person responsible for the move is also a judge on the panel for the fudge contest. Ava is looking forward to the contest until the two celebrity chefs arrive and wreak havoc in Ava’s shop so Ava has to keep them apart as much as possible.

Now with the chefs taken care of Ava is called to Lloyd’s office and finds out that a threat has been made to the point of possible physical harm to someone if Ava wins, well, what’s a person to do but to look into it.

Sadly, the threat was turned into a promise when Lloyd is found dead and Ava thinks it has more to do with Lloyd’s outside interest instead of the Fudge Contest.

As the investigation is ongoing weird things keep happening, like someone running into Ava’s car and the package she was carrying disappears or the comings and goings of some of the people in the Fishers Harbor community of Door County, Wisconsin. To make matters worse some of the clues that Ava found and hid in her grandfather’s boat incriminates him in the murder of Lloyd.  Sometimes the least likely person that would so such thinks is the very person you should keep close watch of.

This is a good book to read but for me it was a 3 because I could take it or leave it.

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