Hot Blooded

Dark Kings, Book #4

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250060723

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hot-blooded-dragon-kings-donna-grantIona hasn’t been in Scotland since the night her mother tore her away from her home when she was just a child.  Her father, her protector, just let them go.  Why didn’t he fight to keep her with him?  And, how come he’s never contacted her since?  All of the horrible things her mother said about him must be true.  But now Iona has decided it’s time to talk to her father and see who he really is.  Only when she arrives, she discovers he’s been murdered.  And, everyone in town really liked him and thought he was a good man.  How could her idea of him be so different than everyone else’s?

The Campbell family’s land houses the doorway to Dreagan, it’s the only way to get onto the land undetected.  The Campbell family has protected the doorway for generations, and in return the Dragon Kings protect them.  The land can never be sold and when one Campbell dies it’s passed down to their heir.  But now John Campbell has been murdered and the land passed down to his estranged daughter, Iona, who knows nothing of their existence.  It is up to the kings to enlighten her, and in order for that to happen one of the kings must get close to her.  Laith doesn’t want the job, but when she walks into his pub and takes a shine to him, the job falls to him.  He also can’t fight the attraction he has for her.  He never wanted a mate, but with her the idea doesn’t seem so terrible.

I really wanted to like this story.  But… I found it to be incredibly boring.  I’ve heard of a slow build-up to a relationship, but Iona and Laith take it to new extremes.  Not to mention, that I didn’t find either character all that exciting.

But we did find out more about the extent of the damage done to Rhys, and my heart aches for him and what he has lost.  And, I can’t wait for the next book when he and Lilly will finally get together.  Hopefully they will find a way to return to Rhys what was taken from him.

We also go to see several of the Warriors, which was nice.

And, we got a look at the King behind everything that’s going on, but I’m not convinced that it’s Ulrick!!