True Blood

Season 5, Episode 6

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Tara and Jessica get in a fight in the middle of Fangtasia over Hoyt.  Pam breaks it up and when Tara is still mouthing off to Jessica, Pam takes her into the back room to put her in her place and to tell her she’s proud of her….proud like a human is of a well-trained dog.

Hoyt has another vampire feeding off him in an alley.  The vampire tries to stop, but Hoyt wants him to keep going.  Just then the group of masked men come and shoot the vampire.  They recognize Hoyt and help him into the van.

Luna and Sam are rushed to the hospital.  Sam promises to find Emma.  Then, Martha walks in with Emma in tow after Emma showed up at her house in wolf form.  Martha insists she just wants to be part of Emma’s life.  Luna decides she has no choice and asks Martha if she can keep her safe until they find out who the shooters are.  Martha says she can.

Jason has another dream of his dad.  Jason promises to find the vampire that killed him.  Jason wakes up right as his dad was telling him the only thing he has to fear.

Alcide is dragged off by Russell’s juiced up wolves and Bill and Eric run off to help him.  Russell gets up and approaches Sookie.  She hits him with a ball of light.  Then, Bill and Eric come and corner Russell.  Eric is ready to stake him, but Bill talks him out of it saying if he kills them they’re both dead, but if they take him in alive they have a chance to live.  Eric relents and then the authority shows up to take custody of Russell.  Bill acts like he’s glamouring Sookie for the authority’s benefit.  Meanwhile, Eric glamours Alcide to not remember anything that happened, to protect Sookie with his life, but to never touch her because she disgusts him.  You have to love Eric’s style.

The authority decides to execute Russell.  Roman pushes the button for the Istake repeatedly, but it doesn’t go off.  Russell acts fast and stakes Roman instead.  Bill and Eric realize that somebody has used them to bring Roman’s killer to them.

The next morning Alcide wakes up in a bed at Sookie’s and finds her down in the kitchen having coffee.  He has flashbacks of them getting hot and heavy and can’t remember if they had sex or not.  She tells him they didn’t.  She goes to touch his hand and he recoils.  She then realizes what Eric has done and undoes it.

After seeing some of the pack members, at the scene with Russell.  Alcide goes back to the pack to take his place as pack master.  But Marcus’s father has taken the role and Alcide challenges him.  He needs a second to challenge him and one of the girls volunteers.

Terry freaks out after the latest fire.  He goes back to Merlotte’s and tells Arlene that he can’t be with her because if he does her and the kids will die.  She thinks he’s off his meds.

Jason tells Sookie about his dream and they go looking for the fairy portal and find it and end up in the night club with Hadley and the others.  Claude tells Sookie that the vampire that killed her parents was drawn to the car by the smell of her blood on a band-aid in the back of their car.  She gets mad and throws a light ball only to have others throw one at her at the same time.

I thought this was a decent episode.  I think my favorite part was definitely when Eric was glamouring Alcide.  It’s moments like those that illustrate why I love Eric so much.

I definitely don’t think Emma’s grandma is going to be as agreeable as she’s acting and is definitely going to try to double-cross Luna.  When things sound too good to be true, they usually are.  Sam and Luna are definitely going to have a fight on their hands, if they can even find Emma after all this that is.

And we all knew that Russell wasn’t going to be killed that easily!