The Magicians

Season 1, Episode 10

Episode Title: Homecoming

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The tenth episode of the Magicians, Homecoming, starts with a recap of the events from the previous episodes and with Penny coming out of a fountain. In this strange place there are many fountains with different ornaments in the center of them, and Penny meets a girl named Eve. Eve tells him that he is in the Netherlands, a place where all the worlds connect. When she asks how he got there and Penny tells her about the button, she tries to take it from him and calls for other people to help her. He transports himself, but ends up in a different part of the Netherlands.

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Penny draws a circle to meditate and contact somebody in Brakebills. He ends ups in Quentin’s dream where Julia and Alice are dressed up as characters of famous movies and are going to have a trio with Quentin that is dressed up as Indian Jones. After making fun of Quentin, Penny learns that he has been gone for six weeks instead of the six hours that he originally thought. After Penny tells him all he can about the Netherlands, Quentin wakes up and tells the others what happened to Penny. There are mentions about a place like the Netherlands in the Filory series, but it’s very vague and Alice tells them she might know somebody who knows about it.


Eliot seems to have lost his sight after taking different drugs and mix it with other medications. Margo, who is back, is concerned about him and calls a healer professor to look at him, after a glass cup explodes next to Eliot. The professor tells them that everything seems to be okay with Eliot as the drugs and medications seem to balance out, but the actual problem is with Margo, as another cup explodes next to her. The healer tells her that somebody is stealing her chi, and ask if she has been engaged in some kind of ritual without protection. Margo curses and tells them that she knows who it is.


Julia has changed in the last couple of weeks, she joins Richard’s group called the Free Trade Beowulf with the other five members, where she is called Vicious Circe. They plan to meet for the first time in real life that day in Julia’s apartment, and thanks to Richard Julia has time to clean up before everybody arrives. Richard opens a portal in her living room and start to meet her friends. The last person to arrive is Asmodeus, who was the newest before Julia. When she arrives its reveal to be Kady. At first there is tension, but they put it aside to learn the last spell to catch up with the rest of the group.

While running away from Eve and her friends, Penny falls through a secret door in the fountain and comes out to a library. There he meets a librarian who is part of the Order who are keepers of the library of the Netherlands. The library and many branches have the greatest extension of knowledge. When he arrives, she tells him that he is late and already knows his name, she laughs at his reply and tells him that he always says the same thing. Penny just wants a map to the Earth fountain, but it seems that maps are in a different branch and it will take weeks to get there. Instead the librarian takes him to look for a different information.

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Alice and Quentin arrived to a house in the suburbs of Chicago, when they walk in Quentin makes a remark about the house being like the TARDIS, from the Doctor Who series, being bigger from the inside that from outside, to what Alice is not impressed. Inside, there is a Greek party going on where all the guests are in a middle of a very drunk party and in the beginning an orgy.  Alice tells Quentin that this is her parents’ house and they came to talk with her mother.  Alice leaves Quentin to distract her father, while she goes to talk with her mother. Her conversation with Stephanie, her mother, doesn’t go as she planned, as the topic of her lost brother came up, and their opinions differed.


In her room, Quentin sees the place Alice lived before going to Brakebills. After a hearty conversation, she tells Quentin that she needs to talk to her mother alone as the subject is about a man that her mother had an affair and is a traveler like Penny. Next morning, Alice finally talks with her mother, only to find out that her father learned about Bob, the traveler, and have been having a relationship the three of them. Stephanie calls Bob, who tells Alice and Quentin about the Netherlands and a spell that they can use to light up the Earth fountain; the only catch is that it has to be performed during sex, which is the type of magic used in Bob’s world, and climax at the same time. Quentin learns that sometimes Alice doesn’t always finish with him, and gets mad that Alice has never told him.

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Margo and Eliot arrived at a mysterious apartment, only to have the door opened by another Margo, a man appears and tries to explain, but once Margo get close to the other Margo she passes out. The man is a person with whom Margo was together on her trip, but she left when he wanted a relationship, so he decided to make a golem of Margo, a Margolem. Instead of helping, Eliot does lines with the Margolem, causing him to have a fight with Margo.

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Alice and Quentin, try to have sex to perform the spell, but it seems fake and cold, as Quentin tries to use the advice given to him by Bob. The subject of Alice not telling Quentin about her not always finishing comes up, and ruins the mood, making Quentin leave.


Back in Julia’s apartment, she and Kady (Asmodeus) complete the last spell they need it to level up. At that time their pizza arrived and Julia pays for it. When they are about to eat, Julia notices the hands of the clock going backwards. Instead of being sitting down, they are standing up and there is a knock on the door, it’s the pizza delivery guy.  They hear cheering from the guest room, and come to the conclusion that the other members did time magic. Richard explains that they are trying to break the glass ceiling of magic without dying or being turned into a Niffin, they are going to summon a God to do that. He explains that he wants to save his son that died many years ago because of his fault, and that other members need cures for cancer and addictions.

Eliot apologies to Margo, and opens up tells her that something is wrong with him, not physically, but emotional. Margo gets up and kisses him, and the its reveal that he was talking to Margolem instead.

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Quentin goes back and apologize to Alice, they talk about him being insecure about not understanding why Alice likes him. Alice tells him that she has problems asking for things and help. Quentin slips and tells her he loves her, and they start kissing.  They start to have sex and this time they both participate, as Alice tells him what she wants. In the Netherlands the Earth fountain lights up and Penny is able to see it. At the end Penny jumps into the fountain before Eve and her friends get to him, he ends up appearing in Alice’s room, as she and Quentin as still having sex.



Kady is finally back!!!!, but she is Asmodeus. The writers were clever when creating Kady, many people liked her and wanted her to still be in the story, and making her Asmodeus guarantees her to play major roles in the upcoming events.  In this episode we also see Free Trade Beowulf, many fans of the series, and I, have been expecting this to happen, but I have the feeling that the story of Julia with Free Trade Beowulf is going too fast, but still I’m excited to see how the God summoning goes. There was a lot of sex surrounding Alice and Quentin this week, and I was hoping to see Alice’s parents this season, and we did. I liked Bob and how he made Alice and Quentin uncomfortable, but it was funny the remarks that her parents did. In this episode, we still see Eliot struggling with Mike’s death and betrayal, and we can see that he blames Margo for being away while everything happened. I’m excited to see more of the Netherlands and to finally see Filory, I hope it can happen in this first season. What did you think of Homecoming? Three episodes before the season finally, what do want to see before it ends? Tells us in the comments.