Home With You 

Silverlake Ranch, Book #2

Liza Kendall

ISBN13: 9780593098028

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Anything is possible in Silverlake, Texas when love takes the reins…

Rhett Braddock swore to himself that he’d never return to Silverlake. But when the opportunity arises to buy a piece of his lost, happier youth, he’s drawn to the community–and the family–he once loved. Mending fences might not be as hard as he thought–until he ends up in bed with his best friend’s sister.

Julianna Riggs is over Rhett Braddock. So what if he’s a self-made billionaire? His less than flattering dash the morning after they spent the night together made it clear he wants nothing to do with her. Besides, she has her horses and the Riggs stables to save.

So when Rhett buys the Riggs property as a favor to her brother, Jules makes him feel as welcome as a skunk at a garden party … but is it possible that Rotten Rhett isn’t so rotten after all? Or is the Texas heat melting her resolve to hate him? (Goodreads)


Rhett Braddock left Silverlake when he was younger and he never expected to come back.  He made a name for himself and he is very rich and powerful.  And he is used to women being impressed with him.  But Jules is not one of those women, she acts like she hates him.  Maybe how he acted after their one night stand has something to do with that. 

Jules has always had a crush on Rhett for as long as she can remember.  But he has always been her brother’s friend and she was just the annoying younger sister.  But one night, they got together, and it was wonderful.  Until the next morning, when Rhett could not leave quick enough.  Now he is back, and Jule is not happy about it at all.

Rhett has come back to help his friend by buying some of  his property and helping him out.  But Jules is not happy, she was completely blindsided by the deal and she wanted to have some say in what was going on.  She has a lot of ideas, but her dad will never listen to her.  Rhett and Jules need to learn to work together if they are ever going to get past their problems and make this new arrangement work.  And they will also have to work out their one night stand drama, and hope no one (especially Jule’s brother) never finds out. 

The characters are well developed and well rounded.  I liked the bickering and banter between Jules and Rhett, they could both dish it out pretty good.  The secondary characters were also very well developed and they added a lot to the story.  

This is a sweet romance that explored family relationships and the ability to forgive and move on.  There was humour, there was romance, there was sadness and there was forgiveness.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted romance and I am going to read the other books in this series.

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