Hitting the Books

Library Lover’s Mystery, Book #9

By Jenn McKinlay

ISBN: 9780451492678

Author website: www(.)jennmckinlay(.)com


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It’s murder by the book in the latest hit Library Lover’s mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Death in the Stacks.

When a stack of library materials is found at the scene of a hit and run, library director Lindsey Norris finds herself dragged into the investigation as the police try to link the driver of the stolen car to the person who borrowed the books. Before Lindsey can delve into the library’s records, the victim of the hit and run, Theresa Houston, suffers another “accident” and the investigation shifts from driver negligence to attempted homicide.

A clue surfaces in the confiscated library materials that could crack open the case and it is up to Lindsey to piece it all together. But things are not as they seem in the sleepy town of Briar Creek and when the driver of the stolen car turns up dead, Lindsey, her staff and her library friends have to hit the books before the murderer gets the last word…


Hitting the Books is the long overdue 9th book in author Jenn McKinlay’s Library Lover’s Mystery series. I just love protagonist Lindsay and the whole cast of characters in this series. Of course the setting is amazing too. When I start reading, I am pulled into the small town of Briar Creek and with the author’s fantastic writing, I can see and feel the town and the vibe it has. (At least how I see it, lol). This has been a long standing favorite series of mine and I am so happy to see it come back to life. Reading anything Jenn McKinlay writes is always a pleasure, but this one has a special place in my heart. Humor, intrigue, relationships, and all out fantabulous read, this book has it all.

Lindsay Norris and her dog Heathcliff are settling in to life with her man Sully. They are living together and finding things are a bit different. Thankfully for me, their relationship is fun and does not take over the rest of the book. Although, I am very happy with their growth and romance. Lindsay is taking things as they come at home and at work and hoping her work as mystery crime fighter is done for good. No such luck. Very quickly a hit and run pulls her into the fray once again. The victim does live, but more things are thrown at the gang that keep pulling them deeper and deeper into the crimes.

In some series the characters grow and develop, but it can feel forced and not natural. Author Jenn McKinlay has a way of developing her characters that truly seems real. I love all of them. While not all of the characters play big parts in each book, they all play an important part in the town for me. I love Sully and his family, I love the ladies at the library crafternoon, I love the librarians, and of course I love Heathcliff. The author’s writing style brings me such joy when I know she has a new book out and hearing this series was being continued was just amazing. If you are a fan of the series, you will love, love, love this installment.

I cannot say enough about how fun, intriguing and plain out great Hitting the Books was to read. I guess it was worth the wait, ok it was, but still I would have liked it sooner, lol. If you have not started this series, jump on this one and read the others later. You will love it. I was kept in suspense till the reveal. (maybe I don’t try as hard as others, maybe it was just that good). When  crime comes to Briar Creek, sometimes it takes a librarian to find the answers. Lindsay is the perfect person to handle it in her detail oriented style, friendly conversation fact gathering and all round smarts. Thank you Jenn McKinlay for another wonderful read. I cannot wait for the next installment. Please hurry.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*