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His Wicked Seduction

The League of Rogues, book #2

By Lauren Smith

ISBN# 9781619223783

Author’s Website:  http://www.laurensmithbooks.com/


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Horatia has loved Lucien since she was a mere child.  He’s the one that pulled her out of the curricle, after the accident that left her parents dead and her trapped inside with their bodies.  Whenever she has needed him, he’s been there.  Until of course she ruined his proposal to another woman and confessed her love to him when she was fourteen.  He’s been cold to her ever since.

As Horatia has grown, she’s become quite the temptation for Lucien.  He’s tried his best to keep his distance from her, pushing her away the best he knows how.  She is the sister of his friend for crying out loud.  Nothing could ever develop between them.  The League of Rogues that both he and Cedric are members of do have rules.  And, bedding Horatia would be a direct violation of rule #2 never to get involved with a fellow rogue’s sister.

But a threat from the League’s enemy sends both Lucien and Horatia (along with her brother and sister) to Lucien’s familial home, where the temptation Horatia causes Lucien is sure to be escalated!

This is my second venture into the League of Rogues series and I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I absolutely loved Lucien, the wicked rogue as it were!  For him being considered dirtier more twisted than the other rogues, I was pleasantly surprised to see how loyal and caring he truly was, at least where the woman he loves is concerned!  And, I could only imagine the internal struggles he faced when dealing with the decision of following his heart or honoring his friend’s wishes and the league’s rules.

Horatia was a strong and independent female for that era.  Even venturing to the Midnight Gardens to finally get what she most wants, Lucien to unleash his passions on her and fall for her, madly, deeply, and forever!  And, it doesn’t go quite as she had planned, but was still entertaining nonetheless.

Speaking of entertaining, I LOVED Lucien’s family!  His mom was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed how she enlisted her sons in the plot to get Lucien hitched!  And, the snowball fight sounded like a blast, even to me who hates snow and cold!  And, I realize that none of Lucien’s brothers are in the League of Rogues, at least not yet anyway, I hope that we will see books featuring them in the future!

I really enjoyed this book and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of the series, which I can only assume will feature Cedric!

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*