Hidden Away

KGI, Book #3

By Maya Banks

ISBN# 9780425240175

Author’s Website:  http://mayabanks.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

hidden-away-kgi-maya-banksGarrett Kelly has been frothing at the mouth to take Marcus Lattimer down ever since he betrayed them, killing some of his team, and shooting Garrett in the leg.  Now he may finally get his chance.  CIA agent Adam Resnick has discovered Lattimer’s weakness, his sister that nobody knew he had.  Sarah has just fled to a remote tropical island and Resnick wants Garrett to go keep an eye on her so they can pounce when Lattimer inevitably shows up.  Even though Garrett is recovering from a bullet wound and is supposed to be out of commission, this is an assignment that he can’t refuse!

Garrett is immediately taken by Sarah’s beauty, but as he gets to know her one thing is clear, she’s been hurt badly by someone.  She is skittish around men and he has to take things slow to gain her trust.  Garrett wants nothing more than to hurt the one that hurt her.  He learns that one of those men have been dealt with, but there is still an opportunity for him to take care of business.

However, when Lattimer shows up, all the lies Garrett used to gain Sarah’s trust come to light and he very well may lose the one thing he wants above all else.

I have really enjoyed the KGI series up to this point.  The Kelly family is protective and loving to those they consider to be theirs.  And beings hot and sexy guys never hurt either.  But sadly I didn’t find this installment to be as good.  It was an extra disappointment considering this is Garrett’s book and I just expected so much more from him.

I knew while reading this that he was digging his own grave with lying to Sarah.  I was honestly surprised that he still continued the plan to capture her brother.  And, in the end, I was frustrated with Sarah, because I think she forgave Garrett way too easy.  Had I been in her shoes and what happened to Marcus happened to my brother, it would be a cold day in hell before I’d ever speak to him again, let alone forgive him and embark on a relationship.  So, I find the end of this book rather unbelievable and the book was just unimpressive as a whole.  But I’m ever hopeful that the next installment will be back to the kind of story that I have enjoyed in the first two books of this series.