4 star


Hero Status

By Kristen Brand

The White Knight and Black Valentine Series #1

Author’s Website: http://kristenbrand.com/

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Dave Del Toro used to be a superhero. Now he’s retired and happily married—to his former nemesis, Valentina Belmonte, better known as the Black Valentine. The two have settled in sunny Miami and left the past behind them. No more masks, capes or handcuffs. At least, not outside of the bedroom.

But then the famous hero Supersonic turns up dead, and Valentina is arrested for the murder. Dave knows she’s innocent, but he has to find the real killer if he wants to prove it. Investigating on his own, dodging the law, he gets tangled in a web of conspiracy that will take more than super-strength to break. If Dave wants to save his wife, he’ll have to cross lines no hero ever should…


Have you ever wondered what does the famous superhero do when he retires? Or what happens when the most popular villain stops robbing banks? Well Hero Status tells the story of the famous hero White Knight and his villain wife Black Valentine. After his forced retirement, Dave Del Toro a.k.a. White Knight has been living a peaceful life with his wife and daughter, well, as peaceful as it can be in their mansion, but not everybody is happy with them.

Author Kristen Brand has created a story based on the ever-after of the golden years of heroes and villains, by doing this, she is showing the reader that there’s more to the happy ever after wedding, and finding the love of your life. But not everybody is happy that a hero married a villain, and even worse, that they have a child that has the probability of inheriting one or both of their abilities, in this case super strange or telepathy.

I really liked the concept that Kristen Brand used regarding the characters’ powers. She shows that every power has a flaw and it can appear in the worst moment, such as with Dave’s impenetrable skin, or a new telepath that has not been able to learn how to block the thoughts around her.

I liked several of the characters, like Dave and Valentine, their chef and maid, FreezeFire, and the Ruby. Who really creeped me out was Dr. Sweet. I’m kind of intrigued about how he managed to survive twice.

If you like stories about heroes and villains, good guys and bad guys that appeared to be good, and powers and abilities, I recommend you read Hero Status, where we see more of the way of how the world of heroes and villains works, and how some lines should not be crossed.

Which would you like to be: a hero or a villain? Tell us in the comments.

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