4 star rating
Here and Again
By Nicole R. Dickson
ISBN# 9780451466778
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here-and-again-nicole-r-dicksonThis is one book you have to really pay close attention to because it goes back and forth to the here and now to back when but it totally makes the book. This is a heartbreaking story that eventually mends the hearts of the characters and readers alike. To lose a love and to try to carry on when they are gone is hard enough but when you try to do it raising kids and working and trying to keep your love’s dream alive it’s nearly impossible. Only a few are lucky enough to have help from someone who is here but not here.

Ginger Martin lost her husband in Iraq and she is really having a hard time coming to terms with her loss and the changes his death has forced her into. Worried about her home and being away from her parents are also making her homesick and on top of all that her husband Jesse’s mother is trying to take away the farm. Then for some reason Samuel comes to help when Ginger seems to need it.

Samuel is from the past and is trying to get home to his love Juliette but every time he tries to pass over it seems like Ginger calls him to help; something she’s not aware of.  Neither him or Ginger seem to know the why of it all until later.

Samuel helps Ginger and her three kids and Jesse’s Grandmother on the road to running a good and profitable farm and this in itself places more on Ginger’s shoulders.  Finally Ginger gives in and gives notice to her place of work and pulls her kids out of school to home school them. Now they seem to be coming together as a family and it looks like the healing may be starting.

This is great read and it shows what people can do if they stand back and look at life in the eyes of others and it sures helps when you have people that are glad to help you get a start on it. Thankfully Ginger’s parents decide to move in with them and it’s now an operating family farm. Finally it looks like there may be peace for Ginger. Now the problem is how to get Samuel home.

I just absolutely loved this story, there is action, mystery, danger, love and death. A smorgasbord of everything any genre of reader could hope for and appreciate. A work of art by Nicole and I look forward to reading more of her work.

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