Her Renegade Cowboy

Moving Violations, Book #3

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9781250252012

Author’s Website:  https://loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Lily Donovan is back in her hometown of Deer Haven near her family and teaching at the elementary school.  To everyone things might seem normal, but they are far from it.  Lily has a huge secret that is about to blow wide open.

Former psychology professor, Graham Brisbee, has been serving time after his last victim blew the whistle on him.  He had been using his students, manipulating, raping, and torturing them.  He had even escalated to murder.  And, Jane Doe barely escaped with her life.  Her entire testimony was done anonymously.  Few know that Lily is Jane Doe, not even her overprotective cousin, Jacob.  But now Graham has escaped prison and Lily won’t be able to rest easy until he is back behind bars.

The U.S. Marshals offered to put Lily into witness protection, but she didn’t want Graham controlling her life, so she refused.  So, the Marshals did what they felt was in her best interest and hid one of their operatives close to her, he even got a job on her cousin’s ranch, unbeknownst to Jacob what or who he was.

Levi was in Deer Haven to complete a job and to put a scumbag back in prison, where he belonged.  He was there to keep Lily safe, but he couldn’t help but fall for the fiery vixen.  However, working undercover, he can’t reveal what he really does for a living.  When it comes to keeping the woman he loves safe, Levi will stop at nothing, even if it puts his job or his life in jeopardy.  But will Lily be able to forgive him once the truth comes out?

I’ve really enjoyed this series so far.  Lora Leigh has a way of weaving a story that can keep you interested even when you *think* you know what’s going to happen.  And, this book was no exception.  Her characters where on point as usual and she kept the story interesting.

Graham was pretty twisted and Leigh fleshed him out pretty well, considering how little there was of him in the story.

I really enjoyed Lily and Levi.  I liked Lily’s take-no-prisoners attitude, although I think she was a little too quick, at times, to jump to anger and indignation.  However, she also seemed to forgive a bit too easy too.  I found Levi to be a bit too good and perfect at times … I need to see a few warts for him to be believable.  But overall, both characters were done well.

As much as Lily hated it, I loved seeing Levi and Jacob’s protective sides come out!

I also enjoyed seeing the usual characters of Deer Haven.  Jacob, Shay, and all the Culpeppers kept things interesting.  And, I’m really hoping we get a book on Justice soon!  Although it sounds like Shay may be next …

Overall this was an entertaining read, although the usual grammatical errors in Leah’s books are still present.  It wasn’t enough to make me dislike the book, but I’m honestly used to this issue by now.