Her Kind Of Cowboy

Tying The Knot In Texas, Book #2

By Dylann Crush

ISBN: 9780593101667

Author Website: dylanncrush(.)com

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No wedding is too much for the little town of Ido, Texas to handle…or is it?

Having successfully established themselves as a destination for weddings, the town of Ido is ready to kick it up another notch. Zina Baxter has stood on the sidelines during most of the matrimonial mayhem. But when a disaster at the pit bull rescue has her relocating the pups to share space with a winter wonderland scene, she finds herself smack dab in the middle of planning the craziest wedding yet.

Alex Sanders ran as far and fast as he could from his hometown–all the way to Antarctica. But a job opportunity as the penguin handler for an over-the-top wedding jerks entices him back. Being home means he can finally help his overwhelmed sister wrangle their unruly grandpa–at least until the next opportunity comes around and he can hit the road running again. The last thing he expects to find in Texas is a shot at love…

Once Alex crashes into Zina’s life–literally–there’s no denying their chemistry. But are their feelings for each other enough to keep Alex in Texas for good, or will he follow the march of the penguins back to the South Pole? (Goodreads)


Her Kind Of Cowboy is a very fun read that I really enjoyed.  It has a great heroine and hero, lots of adorable dogs and a cute group of penguins.  

Zina had returned home to take care of her brother and to run a rescue for pit bulls.  The rescue building is in disrepair and she has to find somewhere to house the animals until it can be fixed up.  When she finds herself agreeing to help plan a wedding for a rich girl who wants penguins in her wedding, she really has her hands full.  But her good friend Lacey needs her help, and she has a hard time saying no.

Alex has been in the Antarctic, but when he gets a chance to be involved in a wedding, training some penguins to be part of the ceremony, he cannot say no.  The fact that he is going back home is icing on the cake, he can visit his sister and nieces and help get his grandfather settled in an assisted living facility. It is a win-win situation.  

But things do not go as smoothly as either Zina or Alex had planned.  Whatever could go wrong does go wrong, and what follows is a funny, heartwarming tale. Zina and Alex really like each other, but Alex is not someone willing to settle down, so there is no hope for them getting their happily ever after.  Or Is There?

The animals were adorable, both the dogs and the penguins. The secondary characters brought a lot to the story and I enjoyed getting to know everyone.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.  I am planning on reading the first book in the series and the ones that come after.