Open Book Society is always happy to spread the word for a great cause. Today, we were approached with an amazing idea, in which our main source to achieve our goal is no other means than what we like the most here on OBS: books.

And, a very special book it is. Author Christine E. Schulze needs the support of everyone to create a book to help folks with disabilities, the fantasy adventure, The Amazing K. This book is special in its way for the soul reason that its main characters having disabilities of their own. The author will also be donating 25% of all the royalties to ALFA a charity which helps create and fund programs.


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About the project:

Hullo, family, friends, and fans! I have just launched my first Indiegogo project. It’s for the creation and publication of my latest children’s book, “The Amazing K,” and I need your help!

The book is very special for a couple of different reasons. First of all, the main heroes of the book are children with disabilities. I feel like fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure are all genres where folks with disabilities don’t get nearly enough screen time, especially as main characters. Hence, the creation of this book, where they get to star as the main heroes.

Secondly, upon publication, I’ll be giving 25% of all royalties from the book to ALFA, a foundation which helps create and fund programs for folks with disabilities at Trinity Services. I work for Trinity, so I know from personal experience that they provide a lot of great programs for our folks, including art, music, culinary, and gardening. I would like to see these programs continue to grow and thrive; hence donating part of my royalties to the cause.

That’s where YOU come in! Please check out the link to the project, and if you’re able to pledge to give, please do so! All funds will go toward the creation and publication of the book. And in return, you get some great prizes, such as autographed copies of the book.

But you only have until the end of December 30 to give! So please, show some Christmas spirit and give a little. If yuo can’t give, please help spread the word through Facebook, twitter, and other social media. Together we can make this book a reality and, by doing so, support a great program that helps folks with disabilities learn, grow, and express their own creativity.

To check out the project and make a pledge, here.