Voyager (Outlander #3) by Diana Gabaldon **STARS

After being separated for 20 years, Claire discovers that Jamie didn’t die at Culloden Field and goes back through the stones to try and find him and rekindle their love. She discovers that Jamie’s life is very different from the one she left and his decision to be with her leads them on a trip to claim a treasure he found years ago. It all goes wrong when Jamie’s nephew is kidnapped by pirates and they set out to find and rescue him.

I was really excited to delve into this one, but about half way through got kind of bored with it and Jamie and Claire’s love story in general. I think I just don’t like how Jamie is so nonchalant about everything and Claire is too lenient on him. This book truly made me lose interest in the series, although I’m sure I will pick up again later on.

Scorched (The Dark Forgotten #2) by Sharon Ashwood ** STARS

Mac is back in Fairview after he fought his way out of the castle. Holly’s magic helped put his demon to sleep inside of him so his humanity could take over. Alessandro still doesn’t trust him though and sends him back to the castle, where he discovers a young vampire, Constance, that needs his help. But the more Mac goes into the Castle, the more he feels the demon inside him waking up.

I found the story more entertaining then I did the first book, Ravenous, but it still was too easy to put down. And the ending wasn’t quite as good as the first book either. But with all that said it was nice to get a better understanding of the castle and Mac himself.

Unchained (The Dark Forgotten #3) by Sharon Ashwood *** STARS

Holly’s sister, Ashe, has taken her daughter out of boarding school and is raising her in Fairview, where she can be close to what’s left of her family. But now her deceased husband’s parents are fighting for custody. She has to quit slaying monsters and show she is a responsible parent. The only problem is that there are vampires out to get her that think she can give them a child as her sister has for Alessandro and they have no problem using Eden as bait. Then, Captain Reynard, comes to her for help as somebody has stolen his soul and if they don’t find it soon, he will die!

I really didn’t think I would like this book, but was pleasantly surprised! Reynard was a much stronger and complex character than I first realized he could be and I loved the budding romance between him and Ashe. This is by far the best yet of this series and I hope that it only gets better from here.

Marked (House of Night #1) by P.C. & Kristin Cast ** STARS

Teenage Zoey just had her world turned upside down when a vampyre tracker shows up at school and marks her as a vampyre. Now she has to start living at the House of Night, a boarding school for vampyre fledglings. She meets some great new friends, a hot new guy, oh and that terrible girl that everyone hates, Aphrodite. Zoey discovers some new powers she has and sets out on a mission to knock Aphrodite out of her position as leader in the Dark Daughters, a sorority type club at the school.

I had heard great things about this series, but I was pretty disappointed with this book. I felt the writing was geared toward a much younger audience. There were no twists and turns and seemed like everything just always went Zoey’s way. It just did not make me want to continue the series at all…