Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

I wasn’t sure about this one…I’ve never been a big fan of story collections. But this one was decent. I did find the first one to be a bit morbid though and hard to read in places but once I got past that one, it was fine.

The first story was about a married couple fighting over property and the husband kills the wife so he won’t lose and convinces their son to go along with it. Both the father and son have to deal with the consequences of what they’ve done.

The 2nd story is about a lady getting stranded on the side of the road and is raped by someone she thought was stopping to help her. Then she gets her revenge.

The 3rd story is about a dying man making a deal with someone to extend his life…he only has to offer someone he hates to take a little bit of bad luck in his place.

The final story is about a couple with a seemingly perfect marriage. Perfect until she finds proof that he’s a serial killer.

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires, book #11) by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is back and someone is trying to kill her again. She’s dealing with her fairy kin and trying to figure out what they’re up to. She helps Eric deal with Victor, who’s making their life a living hell. And now she has to deal with the possibility that she may lose Eric for good.

I was worried that I wouldn’t like this book with all the Eric and Sookie rumors floating around and because I hated the 10th book, Dead in the Family, but was pleasantly surprised. And I believe there is a let of set-up for the rest of the series. If you’ve been following the series, I would definitely read this!!