5 star rating
Heart of Obsidian
Psy-Changeling, Book #12
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780425263990
Author’s Website:  http://www.nalinisingh.com

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*Beware of Spoilers*

heart-of-obsidian-psy-changeling-nalini-singhKaleb Krychek is one of the most feared men in all of the Psynet.  He’s a dual cardinal toting powers unmatched by anyone along with his abilities to cloak himself on the net, he can make moves without anybody being the wiser.  But above all he is ruthless, and will do whatever it takes to get the outcome he wants, and he always wins.

But Kaleb wasn’t always the strong individual he is now.  He was once pretty vulnerable, left in the hands of a madman at the age of three.  He endured unthinkable tortures during his ‘training’ as Santano Enrique tried to mold him into his image, to continue on his own sick legacy.  But there was a glimmer of light that kept Kaleb sane, the one thing that helped him hold on to his own humanity.  Her name was Sahara Kyriakus and she was the one person that truly saw him when she looked at him.  And, Kaleb’s world changed forever when Enrique got his hands on her.  She was kidnapped when she was sixteen years old and Kaleb has been searching for her ever-since, seven long years.  But now he has finally found her once again.  She is his and he won’t let anybody separate them again.

I was unsure if I’d like this book.  I’m a HUGE Changeling fan, but the Psy tend to be a bit too cold and distant for my liking.  The previous Psy relationships in this series have been kind of dull for me, so I was worried this would be another one of those books that I’d have to force myself to finish.  I could not have been more wrong.  I ended up loving it and feel that Heart of Obsidian is arguably the best installment of the series to date.

They synopsis of this book really doesn’t tell you much, it doesn’t even tell you who it’s about.  I assumed that the ‘dangerous, volatile rebel’ was probably the Ghost, but most of the other fans I saw were guessing it was Kaleb.  So I was surprised and delighted to discover that it was about a little of both!

Heart of Obsidian is a love story about two young sweethearts that were torn away from one another during tragic events beyond their control.  Heart of Obsidian is a story about their long-awaited reunion and the obstacles they must face to find their way back in each other’s arms.  If you liked Clay and Tally’s relationship, you will LOVE Heart of Obsidian, as Kaleb and Sahara blow them clean out of the water, and this from someone who adores Clay and Tally!

Kaleb was always a character that I respected.  I didn’t know what to think about him, but I knew he was powerful and I always enjoyed his take charge attitude.  But this book shows us a completely different side of him, and I LOVED it!  It was great to see that Kaleb does care about something other than himself. And, even better that underneath that thick layer of black ice, he truly does have a heart; it’s warm, loving, and beats for one person and one person only; Sahara.  I loved seeing this sweeter side to him, it gives him so much more depth.  All the little mementos he held on to from his childhood days with Sahara was sweet, especially as we were slowly introduced to their significance.  And, this book made me love this man, the man he’s been hiding deep within himself, so much.  In addition, I really enjoyed how protective Kaleb was of the one girl that means the world to him.

I also enjoyed Sahara.  She’s tough, a fighter, a survivor, and she will do anything to bring Kaleb into the light and keep him there with her.  But she’s also realistic and knows that he will always be him and that it’s her job to challenge him when he’s going too far.

“You’ll have to be my conscience.” He knew his flaws, and he knew the parts of him that were irrevocably broken. “Mine isn’t going to grow back.”

I truly loved this couple and cannot get enough of them!  I’m hoping, begging, and pleading we get more of them in the future!

But this book gave us more than just an amazing romance.  It gave us a huge change for the Psy race as a whole and I’m curious and anxious to see how it will effect the dynamic in the future, especially when it comes to dealing with the other races.  This book was monumental in the story arc of the series.  I know several people that have mentioned they were going to skip this installment because it was about a Psy relationship.  I implore you not to!  Skipping this book is not only shortchanging yourself, but the series as a whole!  I finished the book a few hours ago and I’m still sitting here with a good book hangover.  You know, in the series, they often mention good sex that leaves the participants so completely sated that their bones turn to jelly and they can hardly move?  That is exactly how I feel after reading this book; I’m so much more satisfied than I ever expected to be, and I feel I might need a cigarette afterwards, and I don’t even smoke!

So we literally made the earth move? A slight pause, before Kaleb said, I suggest we don’t engage in sex in populated areas.

This book was just completely amazing and it leaves me wondering how Singh will ever be able to top it.  But she seems to always find a way, so I will sit back and impatiently wait for the next installment to be released and enjoy the ride once it arrives!