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Haven (Winterhaven #1)

by Kristi Cook

A: Atlanta – Violet is originally from here.
Aidan Grey – He is a main character, very cute.
Aidan effect – What all the girls say happens when they are near Aidan, they get all clustered and swoon.

B: Blackwell, Mr. – The headmaster at Winterhaven.

C: Celila Bradford – Violets roommate, she can astral project.

Code of Paranormal Activity – COPA, the rules at Winterhaven.

Cafe – Since Wintehaven is a boarding school, they spend all their time at the on campus cafe.

D: Dog – Jenna dresses as a dog for the Halloween dance.

E: Elixir – Aidan is working on a very special elixir.
East Hall lounge – The lounge is where the girls get their coffee, snacks, and mail.

F: Fencing – Violet is a very talented Fencer.

G: G., Mrs. – The girl’s house mistress.
Gran – Violet’s grandma on her mom’s side, she still lives in Atlanta.
Gifted – Everyone at Winterhaven is gifted.

H: Hughes, Dr. – The chemistry teacher.
Halloween dance – Aidan mysteriously leaves the Halloween dance.

I: Isabel – Aidan’s ex girlfriend.

J: Jenna Holley – A girl at Winterhaven, she gets made fun of because, her gift is heightened senses.
Jack Delafield – A telekinetic, he works in the lab, where Aidan is always working.
Julius – Aidan’s friend/enemy.

K: Kate Spencer – One of Violet’s friends, she can move stuff with her mind.

L: Lupe – Lives with Violets gran, supposed to be her maid, but is a companion in her old age.

M: Marrisa Tate – Violet’s friend, the only one with a room by herself.
Manhattan – Where Violet’s “mom” lives, and where Aidan has a place.

N: Nervous – Violet is very nervous around Aidan, and Marissa gets nervous feelings.

O: Office – Violet gets called to Blackwell’s office a few times.

P: Penworth, Mr. – History teacher.
Psychic gifts – Everyone at Winterhaven has them.

Q: Quad – Violet spends a lot of her time outside on the quad.

R: Robe – Violet spends most of her first visit to Aidan’s in a robe.

S: Sophie Patterson – She can tell whats wrong with your hole body, by touching you.
Sabbat – A girl born on a Saturday, she can hear Vampires thoughts and talk with them telepathically, born to hunt vampires, and only 3 are living at one time.
Sandra – Violet’s personal trainer, to work with her gift.

T: Telekinetic – A common gift at Winterhaven, you can move things with your mind.
Trevors – Aidan’s servant at his real home.

U: Unforgivable – Aidan thinks all vampires are unforgivable.

V: Violet – The main character, she has visions of the future, when bad things are going to happen to people she cares for.

Vampire – Must be staked, beheaded, and burnt, to be completely killed.

W: Whitney – Violet’s friend from her younger years.

X: EXtreme – Violet’s visions about danger, start getting very extreme.

Y: Young – Violet is too young to normally know she is a Sabbat; they normally find out and come to full strength at 18.

Z: Zero – There are zero kids at Winterhaven that are not gifted, and only Jack has a sibling.