2 star rating
Haunted In Death
In Death, Book # 22.5
By J.D. Robb
ISBN#  9781423337188
Author’s Website:  http://www.jdrobb.com/
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

haunted-in-death-j-d-robbIt’s the start of a new year in 2060 and Eve is thrown into a case that brings up an old urban legend.

Number Twelve was a club where up and coming singer, Bobbie Bray, performed.  She and her boyfriend, Hop, lived above the club in an apartment he had made.  But when she was getting ready to leave him she mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again.  Her body was never found and ever since the building seems to be cursed.  Any time anybody purchases or has anything to do with it they meet an untimely death or the business goes belly up.  No serious or smart investor will touch it, not even Roarke.  The place is rumored to be haunted by Bobbie herself.

Now Hop’s grandson has bought Number Twelve with plans of renovating it.  Only he is shot and killed before he has a chance to get the project off the ground.  But what they find while investigating the murder shocks people everywhere.  Bobbie Bray’s remains.  It turns out that Hop had killed her as many suspected and built a wall to conceal her body and the killer wanted to make sure her bones were found at long last.  And, stranger yet Hop’s grandson was killed with the same gun that killed Bobbie all those years ago.

While investigating at Number Twelve, Eve keeps hearing singing and even seeing a young woman that looks like Bray.  Is it her ghost or just a really good show put on by her avenger?

This is a short story and let me tell you there is a lot going on in those 80 pages.  I never would have thought it was possible to put so much in.  You get Bobbie and Hop’s back-story, their family, their relationship and everything that’s happened since.  Then, you get a little sex scene with Eve and Roarke and Eve teasing Peabody for her fear of Number Twelve.  Then, finally you get the case all wrapped up with a nice little bow.

I liked the premise of this book and thought it was interesting when Eve got to see Bobbie’s ghost reenact everything that happened which gave us all a better understanding of exactly what went down that terrible night she died.

But something was missing for me in this one that I just can’t put my finger on and the entire book came off as mediocre to me.  But it was a quick fun read nonetheless.