from Declan Lynch at the Independent: Curious case of Holmes versus Potter

Did any of you happen to see the film Young Sherlock Holmes on TV over Christmas? And were you struck by a sense of deja vu? Though I was sure that I had never seen this actual film, directed by Barry Levinson and produced by Steven Spielberg in 1985, still I kept feeling that I had been here before.


In fact, soon I was convinced that most of the world’s population had been here before, because this young Sherlock Holmes was starting to remind me of another very clever young man, who has achieved considerable success in his own right as a detective of outstanding ability and a warrior against the dark arts — a certain Harry Potter.

Holmes gets help from the stolid but stout-hearted young Watson, and from his other friend, the unflappable Elizabeth. A genius and his best friend who is a regular guy and their female accomplice taking time out from their lessons to do battle against supernatural forces — ring any bells?

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from LittleAbout.com: Harry Potter town on verge of decline
Fears are mounting up the ancient market town, which once was voted the best place to live in Britain, today stands on the verge of social and economic crumble.

The Northumbrian community of Alnwick was tagged as the most desired place to settle in the country by Country Life magazine due to its picturesque places, house prices, crime rate and local amenities in 2002.

But the town, Alnwick Castle was Hogwarts school in the popular wizard series of Harry Potter, has now raised concerns and was said to be dilapidated and dying over lack of governments interest. Many of us have been very concerned about how tired Alnwick looks and the lack of investment, the Daily Express quoted Carlo Biagioni, owner of a fish-and-chip shop, as saying.

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via Andrew at Muggle Net: Empire’s Deathly Hallows set report now online; Dan calls Seven Potters scene
Yesterday we told you that Empire Magazine had a new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 preview in their latest issue. Today we have a scan of the preview thanks to MuggleNet reader Clare!

The page-long report includes new comments from Dan Radcliffe who speaks from the set of the Seven Potter scene. Dan calls it “the single most complicated sequence we’ve done in any of the films. Everyone’s changing into me and nobody really knows what’s going on. I’m dressed up as everyone else and they’re dressing up as me, and, well, it’s very confusing.”

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I’ve never seen Young Sherlock Holmes, but that is hilarious! And I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the 7th movie!

Did you see Sherlock Holmes over Christmas? What scene are you most looking forward to in Deathly Hallows?