Harold Loves His Woolly Hat

By Vern Kousky

Author Website: vernkousky(.)com

ISBN: 9781524764678

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


What makes a bear special? For Harold, it is his beloved striped woolly hat. He wears it when he sleeps, when he goes to school, and even when he takes his monthly bath. But when a crow whisks the hat off his head and high up into a nest, Harold doesn’t feel so special anymore. He tries everything to get it back–offering the crow blueberries, worms, and even shiny objects–but alas, the crow will not budge. Turns out that the hat has a new special purpose: keeping three baby crows warm. This heartwarming picture book features an irresistible bear and gently reinforces the notion that it doesn’t matter what you have, it’s who you are that matters.


Harold is a little bear who one day finds a woolly hat left behind on a campsite. He loves it so much that he never takes it off, he wears it wherever he goes. His woolly hat makes Harold feel special. But one day a crow steals Harold’s hat away! Harold tries everything from giving the crow worms in exchange for his hat to offering it fruit and shiny things with no results whatsoever.

Harold now feels very angry with no other solution but get his hat himself. He waits until the crow is away from its nest and climbs up for his hat. What Harold did not expect was to find something that might be more special than his hat up in the nest.

Harold Loves His Woolly Hat is such a cute picture book with a beautiful message at the end. The book has a cute illustration style and catches the reader’s curiosity to find out why the crow takes Harold’s hat and won’t give it back. The theme is also great and makes the story perfect for parents and children to read over the holidays. The story is easy to follow and has a  good pace that kids will enjoy along with the illustrations.

I really enjoyed reading Harold Loves His Woolly Hat and so did family members that I shared the book with! I might even get myself a woolly hat. If you’re looking for a good book to read during the holidays with a special message about sharing and giving, I recommend Harold Loves His Woolly Hat!


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of an ongoing blog tour*