4 star

Harmony’s Way

Breeds, Book #8

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425213056

Author’s Website:  http://www.loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi
harmonys-wayHarmony Lancaster has lived her life on the run ever since she escaped the labs when she was just a child.  After suffering the torments of the lab at such a young age, she can’t stand to see another child harmed.  She has become a vigilante of sorts killing those that harm children or women.  But her brother, Jonas, has finally captured her, set on vengeance for the mother Harmony killed.  But he has to make it appear he’s giving her a last chance.  So, he sends her to Broken Butte, New Mexico, to work and live with the sheriff there and if she can stay in good standing, she can finally be free to live a life without fear.  But Harmony knows Jonas is stacking the deck against her, he wants her dead.

Harmony decides to check out a local bar in Broken Butte the night before she is to report for her dreaded assignment.  Shortly after arriving she is drawn to a sexy cowboy that comes in, which is extremely unusual for her to be drawn to anybody.  They end up leaving together and can’t keep their hands off one another, barely even making it to his house.  She ends up running out on him afterwards though, only to discover he’s the sheriff she will be working for, Lance Jacobs, and the mating heat is hitting her hard.  And, Jonas knew this would happen and wants her to get pregnant! But why?  Just another way for him to torture her?

Lance is infuriated that he is mated to a breed, at first.  Finding out that his mate is an assassin that goes by the name Death and is wanted for suspected kills from both the human and breed law enforcement agencies doesn’t warm him to the idea either.  But he can’t get past his lust and quickly forgets about all that negativity and opens himself up to Harmony body and soul.  If only she was so trusting.

Now someone is framing Harmony for murders that were made to look like her suspected kills, and things are heating up with an anti-breed activist group.  It will take everything Lance has to keep his mate safe while trying to keep his unquenchable lust under control and to keep her from doing what she does best, run!

I really enjoyed this book!  I was hooked from Harmony and Lance’s initial meet and did not want to put this book down!  It’s a quick steamy read that kept me on the edge of my seat!  It can easily be read in a few days.  If not for having to work I’d probably have had it done in one!

Harmony is as badass as they come!  She does what she must to survive.  She doesn’t have friends because she doesn’t trust easily.  And she knows there is always an enemy lurking around the corner.  The hardest thing about mating Lance is her fear of her enemies harming him.

I really loved Lance.  He was a pretty laid-back guy most of the book, not trying to force dominance on her, even when his arousal was nearly unbearable.  He never wanted to take her choice away and needed her to be the one to come to him.  It’s something I really admire in this franchise because it’s so uncommon with the males in this series up to this point.  Now don’t get me wrong he has the usual Lora Leigh book’s required dominant jerk scene, but at least he was a good guy the rest of the time.  But seriously why is anal always used as a punishment to force dominance in Leigh’s books? Why?

This is such an emotional read.  It seriously had me bawling toward the end.  I love a book that can evoke such emotion from me.

I could have done without the epilogue though as I felt that it really took away from the emotional ending and really didn’t add much to the story.  It didn’t really even give me anything to look forward to, but I know that Leigh will continue to deliver for me!

And, I don’t know about you … but I can’t wait for Dane’s book:)