Hard to Let Go

Hard Ink, Book #4

By Laura Kaye

ISBN#  9780062267948

Author’s Website:  http://laurakayeauthor.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

hard-to-let-goHard to Let Go picks up where the last installment of the series left off.  The building where the five falsely disgraced soldiers and the loved ones they’ve met along the way have been staying, was attacked by their unknown enemies, and part of the building was destroyed!

And in the midst of all that Nick’s sister Kat showed up right before the attack happened and Beckett, not knowing who she was pulled a gun on her, earning him the nickname, Trigger!

Kat is tough as nails, but even she has her limits.  Her ex-boyfriend, Cole, has pushed those limits.  He won’t accept that they’re over and he jumped Kat in the garage of her building while she was unlocking her car.  She talked him down and convinced him she’d meet with him later to talk.  But she’s no fool, she packed a bag, filed for a protective order, and went to hang out with her brothers instead.  She just didn’t know the chaos that was going on at their place!

Beckett hasn’t had an easy life, being beaten by his father his whole life until he enlisted in the army to get away from it once and for all.  Beckett would do anything to keep from being like his father.  He’s never expected much from life though, he never even dreamt for a family, never being wanted or loved before, he never thought it was possible.  The only thing he’s ever had is his Special Forces career and it was ripped away from him, which is why its so important for them to clear their names and get their honor back.

This is the last book in this series.  There is a novella after this, but based on the synopsis, it really appears to be more of an intro to the spin-off series about the Ravens.  As you can imagine with this being the final book, that a lot happened as the author tried to tie up all the loose ends of the story.  But don’t worry it did not get in the way of the steamy sex scenes that we’ve come to expect from Laura Kaye!

Kat and Beckett hated each other from first sight, but when that hate turns to passion, it burns just as hot!  Maybe even hotter!  I found their coming together to be a bit too sudden to be believable, but after that, they were a fun couple to watch!  It was great seeing Beckett learn what it’s like to be wanted.

And I expected Cole to cause problems, even if Kat didn’t so part of the plot was predictable, but I really didn’t expect his interference to be so extreme and final.

This book really tied up the series. I can’t believe it’s actually over.   Although I felt, it all happened a little too fast and everything turned out just a little too perfect.  But I understand that sometimes that can’t be helped when ending a series.  I can only hope we’ll get to see glimpses of these great characters in the new series.  If you’re looking for an action packed, steamy, Special Forces series then you should unquestionably dive into this series, although I recommend you starting from the beginning, so you don’t miss out on anything!

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