Hard to Come By

Hard Ink, Book #3

By Laura Kaye

ISBN# 9780062267924

Author’s Website:  http://laurakayeauthor.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

hard-to-come-byDerek DiMarzio has never known what it’s like to be loved, being abandoned and growing up in the foster care system.  His only family is the one he created in the army.  The very brothers that are fighting  beside him to clear their names and restore their honor.

Derek lost his leg during the ambush in Afghanistan that changed their lives, saving his best friend, Beckett.  Ever since things have been different as Beckett is racked with guilt at what Derek lost in order to save him.

The team is hunting down Manny Garza in hopes of discovering some new information to help in their quest.  But there are no traces of the man anywhere, even online, which is quite unusual.  But they discover Manny’s sister, Emilie.  Derek decides to get closer to her to help find her brother, but he never expected the instant attraction he has to her!

This was a decent read in the Hard Ink series.  I really enjoyed Derek.  He was a pretty happy guy considering all the adversaries he has faced in his life, and was always ready to crack a joke to raise spirits of those around him.  Which is amazing considering the loss of his leg.

Emilie was a strong female lead as well.  She is self-sufficient and does what she knows is right, even if it’s not a popular opinion, especially where her brother is concerned.

This was a fun couple to get to know.  I loved how accepting Emilie was of Derek’s prosthesis, even though I have trouble believing many people in real life would be as open to it, even finding it sexy, as she did.  And, speaking of sexy … this couple really burns up the sheets and sweet Derek shows his dirty (talking) side!

My main complaint in this book is that toward the end of the story, I felt the book really started to drag and lose my interest.  But stick with it as an important revelation is revealed in the final pages.