Happily Letter After

By Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

ISBN#  9781542025133

Vi Keeland’s website: https://www.vikeeland.com/

Penelope Ward’s website: http://penelopewardauthor.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Sadie writes for a women’s magazine tackling the dating column that sends her on disastrous date after disastrous date.  But she also handles the holiday wishes feature over Christmas.  However, she was surprised to get her first Santa letter this year in June!  It was from a sweet little girl that Sadie immediately fell in love with.  Sadie started filling Birdie’s smaller wishes and the girl kept writing Santa.  Sadie really connected with Birdie through her letters as she learned they had so much in common.  Both girls lost their moms at a young age to cancer and were raised by their fathers.

One day, Sadie finds herself in Birdie’s neighborhood and can’t resist being a little nosey!  She ends up having a run-in with Birdie’s dad, Sebastian.  He mistakes her for the dog trainer and she goes along with it!  He quickly discovers Sadie isn’t who she’s pretending to be and Sadie is forced to come clean!  However, Sebastian quickly sees how Sadie’s absence affects his daughter and asks Sadie to come back to carry on the training rouse.  And, as they all spend more time together, Sadie and Sebastian give in to their attraction for one another.

“Our hearts are made up of all different broken pieces that belong to others, and when we find the right one, they show us how they can all fit together again.”

But, could it all come crashing down when Sebastian goes behind Sadie’s back to prove the impossible?

I adore these two authors and they never disappoint!  They obviously work well together!  I loved this book and didn’t want to put it down!

Sadie was a great character and she reminded me a lot of Kate Hudson’s character, Andie, in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.  However, that is probably mostly because they had the same job, although their focus was slightly different in their articles.  And, after reading this book, I kind of have a hankering to watch that movie again 🙂

I adored Sebastian as well.  He was pretty swoon-worthy once he finally gave in to his desires.  Knowing all that he’s been through though, I can definitely understand his hesitation.  And, he was a great father to boot!  I did find it funny that he owned a restaurant, but couldn’t cook!

Birdie and the Duke were great as well.  And without them, Sadie and Sebastian never would have found their way to each other!  I felt Birdie was a pretty mature 10 year-old, but I guess losing your mom at such a young age could make you grow up quick.

I enjoyed every page of this story and I wasn’t ready for it to be over yet!  Now I must sit here rather impatiently and wait for these two great writers to team up on their next venture that I’ll be sure to read!