Go to Sleep, Little Creep

By David Quinn

Author Website: inwalkedquinn.com

Illustrated by Ashley Spires

Author Website: ashleyspires(.)com

ISBN: 9781101939444

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


A rhyming picture book with humor and heart that’s a wonderful bedtime addition for the “little monster” in your life. Includes illustrations from bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires of The Most Magnificent Thing.

Even monsters have to go to sleep. But before little trolls turn out the light and werewolves settle in to dream, there’s fur to be brushed, pajamas to find, and moons that need howling. So grab your cuddly critter and snuggle in for this new bedtime tradition.

Debut storyteller David B. Quinn teams up with bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires to create a wondrously funny and supremely sweet picture book sure to charm little creeps who aren’t quite ready to fall asleep.


Go to Sleep, Little Creep is a wonderful bedtime story for kids and parents that like the supernatural. It might even be a great storytime read for Halloween. And parents who love the classic horror films will definitely find it interesting with all the Easter eggs within its pages.

Go to Sleep, Little Creep narrates through its illustrations the struggles even monster parents go through to put their little ones to bed. We see parents hurrying to their children with toys or chasing after them, giving them one last snack before bed or trying to put on pajamas. But the little ones are too full of energy to go to bed.

I loved this picture book, especially the details found within the different monster parent/child scenarios. I am sure parents will have more fun than the kids. For example, when Godzilla chases baby Godzilla you can see in the background some drawings and toys related to its movies. The Frankenstein family has the best detail of them all! And the lagoon’s monster has a hidden surprise within the sea’s depth.

The rhymes by David Quinn and illustrations by Ashley Spires are great and go hand-in-hand with what they are trying to portray. The little kid monsters are adorable and you can see their resemblance to their parents. A wonderful read indeed, so if you like monsters and their little creeps this is the book for you. You will learn that human parents aren’t the only ones that struggle to put their kids to bed.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*