Penny Dreadful

Season 2, Episode 06

Episode Title: Glorious Horror

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar

Penny Dreadful contains: Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, Frightening/Intense Scenes.

This week’s episode starts with a maid entering a room, finding Gladys dead. She lets out a frightening scream, and then it goes to the opening theme.


The morning after the storm, we see Lily making breakfast for Victor as he is watching her still from the bed. Then we see Sir Malcolm asleep, as Evelyn cuts a lock of his hair. From his bed, Dorian sees Angelic applying her make up, and she asks him if she can bring some of her cloths to his house. He tells her yes, and even suggests if they should go shopping. Dorian decides to have a ball so everyone can see them together.

“Anathema. In this house we celebrate the unusual, we set the tune, and the world follows.”


Once Sir Malcolm returns to his house, he is told that his wife is dead, and his only concern is that he is going to have to get the carpet replaced, as it was stained with her blood. He notices the cut in his neck, but doesn’t give it much thought; he is humming a tune, which later we see Evelyn also humming, as she ends the preparations for the puppet she made with Sir Malcolm’s hair.

Caliban and Lavinia are working in the dungeon, when she asks him to give her his hand so he can feel the clay, she feels that his hand is cold, cold as if he weren’t fully alive. Later that day, while Vanessa and Victor are going through the relics, she lets him about a man that she met called John Clare. While they are talking, Dorian arrives to invite them to the ball, even Victor.


They start to notices that Sir Malcolm is not acting mournful when he decides to not go to the funeral, and decides to go to the Ball with Evelyn instead. Victor tells Lily about the ball and about a man called Dorian Gray inviting them.

Vanessa asks Ethan to accompany her to the ball, but he declines when he learns the date. He had just had an encounter with Detective Rusk in the wax museum where the Mariner’s Inn Massacre is being reenact.


In the ball, Hecate and Mr. Lyle meet Victor and Lily. Before dancing, Lily tells Victor that she has the feeling being in that room before. Dorian seems to recognize Lily and she also looks a little confuse. She repeats the same thing she told him the first time she was in that room; “All those paintings staring down, make me a bit nervous.” Dorian also notices that Lily’s hands are cold.


Vanessa arrives alone to the ball and meets Angelique. Lily seems to have caught Dorian’s eye and Angelique notices it, just like Vanessa and Victor, who feels jealousy. “I wanted her to have life, now she does.” Evelyn arrives by the hand of a beardless Sir Malcolm. Vanessa feels the moment Evelyn arrives. Sir Malcolm present them to Evelyn, as she reminds Vanessa that they met her as Madam Kali.

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Back in the house, Ethan asks Sembene for help. Sembene chains him as Ethan tells him to watch over him. The ball seems to have not turned as expected, when Mr. Lyle tries to escort Vanessa home as he feels that she is not safe. Hecate and the witches take that opportunity to act, making Vanessa believe that it is raining blood, everybody dancing in it. This makes her pass out.


The episode ends with Ethan transforming in front of Sembene.


Almost all the chess pieces were at the ball, but Ethan was the only one missing. What a shame. I loved the bloody scene, it looked awesome, but I felt bad for all that blood on those paintings. Detective Rusk… he is a mystery. What is he? Now the questions is, did Warren change that night, too? By the way things are going, we already lost Sir Malcolm, I cannot trust him without his beard. I wonder, if in the future we’ll see a relationship between Vanessa and Victor, I keep thinking that they look more like siblings. Hecate is going to ruin her mother’s plans. Most of all, what a surprise is the spider going to get, when she notices that she didn’t trap a fly, but instead a scorpion? Next episode is going to be called, Little Scorpion. What did you think of the bloody scene today? Tells us in the comments.