From Legend

The Reeve, Book #1

By Ian Lewis


Author Website: ianlewisfiction(.)com

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Sober, serious, and driven, Logan Hale is the highest peace officer in Beldenridge, and he knows his city better than anyone: the labyrinthine streets, the vaulted architecture, and all the dark corners where tales of mutations and a vicious enemy still linger like hushed secrets. Logan is quick to dismiss these accounts as part of a storied past with which he’d rather not contend, but when a suicide investigation leads him to believe there’s something more sinister at hand, he questions whether that near-forgotten lore isn’t the stuff of legend after all. (Goodreads)


Logan Hale lives with the constant memories from the girl he loved when he was younger, Clara, whom he still has feelings for. He is the Reeve, a peace officer of the highest rank and lately, not just Clara occupies his mind, but also memories of mentions of the Wojiin, a clan that consumes everything in their path leaving destruction and slaughter behind.

The Wojiin haven’t been seen in years, but it isn’t until a boy commits suicide that Logan begins to question the presence of the Wojiin closer than anyone thought possible. He takes his findings to his superiors, but for everyone it is hard to believe that the Wojiin would be doing anything without Beldenridge noticing.

Logan remembers the war stories from his father and his mentor of the slaughtering the Wojiin would leave behind, making him anxious to scout the area outside the city in order to find more answers to his concerns. Everything leads him on a wild search in circles that could cost Beldenridge time in protecting the city and its people.

I have been a fan of Ian Lewis’ work for some years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his stories. His writing style is descriptive and mysterious with a touch of poetry that never fails to catch the reader’s attention. From Legend was no different. The book takes its time to explain the history surrounding the city of Beldenridge and Logan’s past, which all comes in handy for the reader in order to understand the threat that the Wojiin pose. The book also sets the atmosphere for the following books to come in the series, with no doubt that they will have a great story and many surprises.

There are two characters that look like they will be essential for the rest of the series. One is, Clara, Logan’s love interest who we only know about from memories. The other character is, Amelia, an orphan with great skills and is willing to help when she is needed. I really want to know what happens to Amelia and how her character will eventually develop in the story.

I am trying my best not to spoil too much of the story because it is really great and the cliffhanger leaves you wanting to know what happens in the next book! So, if you like a story with a touch of mystery and action From Legend is for you. I highly recommend it.

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