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My fantasy episode of Friends by Shae

With Breaking Dawn coming out, I thought I would do something fun with the Twi-cast!! What better than to re-cast Friends with the Cullen family! I love Friends, it’s a very funny show, and the Cullen family are typically moody and serious!

In my fantasy episode this is how the cast would be:

Monica Geller – The over achiever, has obsessive behavior, and takes charge of every event the group has. Yes, big shocker here, is Alice Cullen.

Rachel Green – Pretty, can be some what vain, sometimes moody. Rosalie Hale is Rachel in my fantasy cast, but mainly because they are both beautiful blonds.

Phoebe Buffay – Ditsy, naive, and awkward. I tend to get really angry with Bella Swan when I am reading the books. This is  my way to laugh at her. So yes, she is Phoebe.

Joey Tribbiani – Bulky, dopey, an all around fun guy. Can you imagine Emmett Cullen walking around saying, “How you doing?”.

Chandler Bing – Funny, smart, a go to guy. This would have to be Jasper Hale. I can just see Jasper and his weird facial expressions, playing Chandler!

Ross Geller – Very intelligent, a push over, annoying. The reason Edward Cullen would be Ross, is either because he was the only guy left, or it’s because they are both my least favorite characters, I am not sure. Just joking, it’s probably because I do look at Edward as the brainiest in the group!

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