4 star rating
Friday Afternoon
By Sylvia Ryan
ISBN# 9781616504816
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Before kids and the responsibility of life, Levi and I shared a spontaneous, erotic, and deliciously deviant marriage. Years transformed what we had into something comfortable and worn. It hurts me to think his desire for me has cooled. I miss that look of his. Slightly evil and totally hot, like he wanted to devour me. Haven’t seen it in ages.

When I first married Mia, she submitted to every one of my erotic needs. Then came the children. With little complaint, I abandoned my pursuit of kink, content to be married to a beautiful, intelligent woman who’s a great mother to our twins. Out of the blue, Mia confesses she misses the intimacy in our marriage, misses the sex. After this enticing revelation, my plan to reconnect with her unfolds.

In our secret, kinky, Friday afternoon meetings I’m going to give her everything she wants and take everything I need. Will this be the answer to fixing our marriage?

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, and strong elements of BDSM including the use of toys, bondage, and pain. (Goodreads)


This book is for adults and I don’t mean just because of subject matter. The characters are mature and don’t play negative head games. They care deeply for each other and communicate, wow what a novel concept these days.

It starts out with Mia worried about how her husband Levi isn’t into her anymore, so wonder of wonders she comes out and asks him. I loved that!!! So many romance books today have characters who if only they would have asked on simple question the issues would or could have been resolved.

There is a reality to this story about how that special connection with a partner can change after being together for a longer time. The author does a wonderful job of getting that across to the reader.

“the inevitable cascade of thousands of days, filled to the brim with the mundane matters of life… and ” The sense of deep intimacy that once sustained us has been squandered, unappreciated until now there’s little, if any, left.”

How true any of us can get lost in the everyday and many do and with that they lose that closeness of sharing with that special person they once had.

What was wonderful about this story is how the author takes us not just into Mia’s head but also Levi’s.  They fit so perfectly and worked so hard on there relationship when they both figured out that something was missing. No one blamed the other person, they just wanted to get back what they lost.

There is lots of humor in this story, a great addition and something that happens in real life with a partner of longer standing. They laugh in bed and have fun. Not everything is so serious. The BDSM starts out mild and builds at a slow pace so it makes it seem more realistic. I loved how the author adds the positives of being with a long term partner.

I so wanted to give this story a 5 star rating, the reason I couldn’t was because Levi took a picture of Mia on his phone in her submissive role and their daughters saw it and then proceeded to show his sister-in-law.  I know it’s a shorter story, but it wasn’t addressed at all except with Levi and Mia outside swimming. That just wasn’t realistic to me. Man oh man there would have been some backlash if something like that happened. But other, than that one tiny thing this is an awesome story!!!!

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for an in depth look into a caring, loving couple struggling to get the fire back into their lives. With no nasty head games, but with lots of  fun hot bedroom games.