Last month OBS informed you to about ‘Twilight’ celebrating days at Forks SOURCE

Today we will give you an update (published on Peninsula Daily News by Paige Dickerson)

In light of record numbers of ‘Twilight’ admirers visiting the town this summer, Forks organizers have expanded Stephenie Meyer Day starting Saturday, Sept. 12.

They are bracing for what they predict will be the largest celebration yet of Twilight heroine Isabella Swan’s fictional birthday, named in honor of the author of a bestselling four-novel vampire series set in Forks – who will not attend.

The event celebrating the Twilight saga drew about 1,000 fans in 2008. “I don’t think we could keep them away if we wanted to,” Forks Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Marcia Bingham said. “We don’t know how many people will come, but every single day I have people calling saying they are having trouble getting a room and where should they call.”

The official Stephenie Meyer Day is Sunday, Sept. 13 – the date of Bella’s birthday – but Forks events will begin the day before.

Planned for the weekend are $3 tours of Forks High School as well as plenty of music, a look-alike contest, group photographs, a bonfire at First Beach, a scavenger hunt, and of course, a birthday cake for Bella.

To read more about the events HERE

Sadly Stephenie is not attending the party but I guess the fans will have fun. Do you want to go to Forks to celebrate Bellas’ birthday? Will you have your own party? Or does this sound stupid to you?