Forged in Steele

KGI, Book #7

By Maya Banks

ISBN#  9780425263389

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*Beware of possible spoilers*

Whenever KGI runs into trouble during a mission and they need medical treatment they head to Dr. Maren Scofield.  They pulled her out of a hostage situation in the past, and she’s always willing to help.  So, they didn’t think twice about heading to her when their rescue target and a few team members were injured on a mission.

Steele has had many fantasies about the beautiful doctor so when the team finds themselves grounded for the night at her clinic, he decides it’s the perfect time to give in to desire!  He thinks a night with her will get her out of his system so he can go back to a normal life.  He never imagined how wonderful it would be and after he gets back home, he wants her even more!  He decides to take his down time back in Costa Rica with Maren.  They’re having a great time together when he gets called back on a mission!  He vows to come back once his mission is over.

However, he never expected her to be kidnapped in the meantime!  Steele looks for her for months without success.  Then, they get information from an unlikely source that reunites the two.  Steele feels responsible for her abduction since he left her and he never wants to be apart again!  But does she feel the same?  And, is the danger to Maren really over or is it just beginning?

This was an okay read.  It seemed a bit repetitive to me although I guess it really wasn’t.  They did seem to have the same conversations repeatedly though and there was a lot of downtime with no real action.  I had a hard time believing Steele, a man known for having no emotions, could change into such a sappy love-struck fool at a flip of a switch.  There really wasn’t much left of the old Steele after his first night with Maren, he seemed unrecognizable.

I also found it strange that Maren didn’t tell Steele or anybody else from KGI about the thug hanging around the clinic.  Especially considering that they had already rescued her once before.  I would think she’d be a bit more paranoid and would play it a bit safer.

Don’t even get me started on the unbelievableness of the final stand-off in this book. Insert big eye roll here!  No way Maren survives all that in real life.

So, I guess I should just say this book was just unbelievable and leave it at that!

It was still an okay read and I enjoyed the happy and very sappy ending.  It left me smiling like an idiot, so I guess I can’t complain too much!

With all the ribbing Van keeps doling out, I have to imagine his book is next!  And, I have to assume Rusty and Sean will be a future book as well.  They fight too much to not end up together!  I guess I’ll have to continue on to find out!