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For I have Sinned
Charley Davidson, Book #1.5
By Darynda Jones
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for-i-have-sinned-charley-davidson-darynda-jonesThis story is short and sweet and therefore so is its review.

For I have Sinned is a short story in the Charley Davidson series that follows the first book, The First Grave on the Right.  Jones mixed it up a little in this one and made the story be from the newly departed’s point of view.  It took me a few minutes to realize that, but once I did the story was easy to follow and is a quick and easy read.  It’s almost too short as I finished it in under a half hour.

Jo Ann shows up at Charley’s apartment in the middle of the night not knowing what happened to her or even knowing her own name.  Charley is used to this kind of thing and sets out to get Jo the answers she needs so that she can be at peace and cross over to the other side.

This was a sweet little story even though what happened to Jo was sad.  It’s a story about ultimate sacrifice and shows us what parents are willing to give up for their children.

It was interesting to see how the dead view Charley and we also got a nice glimpse of the relationship between Charley and Reyes.  This story was the perfect little teaser before starting the second book of the series, Second Grave on the Left.

Oh and as an extra little bonus, you can read the story for free at here.