First Kiss with a Cowboy

Silverado Lake #1

By Sara Richardson

ISBN13: 9781538717158

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In this charming, sweet romance from bestselling author Sara Richardson, can a risk-taking cowboy convince a no-nonsense writer to give him a second chance?

Shy and sensible romance writer Jane Harding’s carefully ordered life is crumbling around her. With her latest novel due and her teaching contract at an end, returning home to help plan her best friend’s wedding is a welcome distraction. Yet when Jane discovers that the too-hot-to-handle boy who once tempted her is now the best man — and the rodeo circuit’s sexiest bull rider — her distraction is in danger of becoming a disaster . . .

Toby Garrett is no stranger to risk. But this latest injury could end his rodeo career for good. Thankfully, his recovery at home isn’t as awful as he’d imagined, especially when he comes face-to-face with Jane. The kiss they once shared still fuels his fantasies, but when she walked away, he let her go. Now Toby is determined to fix his mistakes. Can this sweet-talking cowboy prove that the passion still burning between them is worth braving the odds? (Goodreads)


First Kiss with a Cowboy is the first novel in the new series Silverado Lake by Sara Richardson. Surprisingly, it is also the first book by this author that I have read. All I can say about that is it most definitely will not be my last! I truly enjoyed the writing style of Ms. Richardson. She can certainly tell a tale!

Jane Harding, adjunct professor at Cal Poly as well as a romance writer (using a pseudonym of course) is returning home as the maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding. No one knows she is a romance writer. Jane is unaware that her widowed mother is considering selling the ranch. Toby Garrett is a rodeo bull rider sidelined as a result of recent shoulder surgery (hopefully a success so as to not end his career prematurely). In the interim, Toby is working at the Harding family ranch. All I thought was – wait until Jane found out about that! Well, no more storyline details as I feel it is best for each reader to discover on their own 🙂

The journey Jane and Toby must take to work through their misunderstanding from high school after their first (and at that point only) kiss, is a journey filled with adventure and self-discovery. The romantic parts definitely added some “heat” to the story. Additionally, the self-discovery journey that each main character took was filled with highs and lows and ended in really important epiphanies for each character – allowing them to progress and carry on with their adult lives. Loved reading through their individual and couple transformations. Very engaging. I found some of the “adventure” scenes a bit hair-raising. Had me holding my breath that is for sure.

I found the endearment of “sweetness” used by Toby very charming. To me, it gave a sense of the south and the manners that Toby was taught by his family.

The reference to a town in my home province of Alberta, Canada – a lovely spot to vacation I might add – brought a huge smile to my face:

All the way to the ceremony site, Jane asked questions about the honeymoon. They weren’t supposed to have one, but Beth had opted to surprise Ethan by planning a trip to Banff in Canada. “It’s his dream vacation,” she explained….”

This book seems to have it all… second chance romance, adventure, humor, hunky cowboy… need I say more. If you like romance and hunky cowboys, then I suggest picking up First Kiss with a Cowboy – you will not regret it! I cannot wait to read more titles by Sara Richardson as her writing has caught my interest!