5 star rating
Fire Kin
The Half-Light City, Book #4
By M.J. Scott
ISBN# 9780451465382
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*Beware of Spoilers*

fire-kin-the-half-light-city-m-j-scottFire Kin picks up where Iron Kin left off … the Fae queen has been killed and the veil has fallen, treaty negotiations to keep peace between the different races has stopped, meaning complete chaos and uncertainty for the races, especially the humans, who are in the most danger being weaker than the other species.

Asharic was exiled from the Fae kingdom, Summerdale, and the nearby areas when he killed someone in a duel.  But with the queen now dead, his exile is over.  He can go back home.  To his family.  To Bryony.  So he doesn’t think twice when the Templars offer him and his mercenary army a job standing with them in the upcoming race war.  But can he right the wrongs of his past and get back the girl he loves with his whole heart?  Can their combined forces win a war that threatens their very existence?

I started this series at book three, Iron Kin.  I loved the romance between Fen and Saskia in that book, but didn’t much care for all the political maneuverings that was going on around them.  But I could see the potential of the series and knew that I must continue reading it.

Enter the newest and possibly last entry into The Half-Light City series, Fire Kin.  It was so much more than I ever expected!  I was hooked early on and the book kept me interested throughout.  This one seemed to focus more on the couple it centers on, Ash and Bryony, than anything else.  There were other things going on with the impending war looming, but this couple seemed to remain the focus.  Being an emotion loving reader, that was the perfect recipe for an amazing book for me!

I loved Ash!  His charm and charisma really bled through the pages.

“A mystery.” He smiled, his teeth a white gleam in the shadowed face. “I like mysteries.”

“Don’t you have enough to do without going looking for trouble?”

“I especially like mysteries that involve trouble.”

I was nagging Bryony to take him back throughout the book, and I was so incredibly sad when she forced his hand with the Veiled Court, making it clear they had no future either way.   I figured she would come around eventually, but I still wanted to kick her butt for making my guy so sad!  Plus it was annoying me the pity party she was having in her internal dialogue when it was her own doing.

 *Spoiler-Skip the below quote to avoid it*

“Bryony came with us, shooting me a look that told me that if I tried to turn her away, then she might finally fulfill one of her threats to turn me into a frog– or worse. Of course, if she could, half my problems would be solved, but knowing her, she’d then organize for me to be the first frog king of the Fae and I wasn’t going to give Salvia the satisfaction of being able to stomp on me and kill me that way.”

I think it was pretty clear early on whom was going to take the Veiled Queen’s place at the helm of the Fae Court, but the journey was still a lot of fun.

Scott definitely knows how to write a powerful against all odds love story and I hope to read more from her in the future.  I’m just sad to see that this appears to be the final book in the series, all the issues seem to be solved.  I just wish I had more time to spend with these couples that she made me fall in love with!  Leave it to me to fall in love with the series on the last book!

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