Festive in Death

In Death, Book #39

By J.D. Robb

ISBN# 9780399164446

Author’s Website:  http://www.jdrobb.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching and it wouldn’t be Christmas without murder in New York!  At least, that’s been Eve Dallas’s experience.

Personal trainer, Trey Ziegler, was found murdered in his apartment.  He was bashed over the head with one of his trophies.  Then, to add insult to injury or death, hoisted onto his bed and a makeshift, yet festive, sign was stabbed into his heart proclaiming he was a bad boy! 

I've been a bad boy!

He was found by his ex-girlfriend and her friend, the woman Eve loves to hate, Trina!  The two women came to exact their own kind of vengeance on Trey for the way he gave Sima the boot; in the form of itching powder and holy socks!  However, what they found was a bigger shock, then they could have ever delivered themselves.

Eve and Peabody quickly learn that their victim was a money hungry arrogant jerk.  He drugged women to sleep with him and then forced them to pay hush money to keep it quiet.  He also sold sex to willing participants even though he’s not licensed to do so.  If he hadn’t found himself deceased, Eve would have loved nothing more than lock him up in a cage.  Nonetheless, he’s hers now and she will do what she must, to get justice for the weasel.

Meanwhile, Eve has her and Roarke’s usual Christmas party to prepare for.  In a moment of weakness, she made a deal with the devil, aka Summerset, and now she must participate in the preparations for the event.

This installment started out a bit slow for me, as a good portion of these books have now that I’m so deep into the series.  However, I ended up really enjoying this one by the end.  I did figure out the killer before it was revealed.  The plot twist at the end of the story was done nicely and it had a good climatic pace to it.  Something that can’t be said for all of the books in the series.  There was also little drops of humor spread throughout this novel, as you would expect!

I enjoyed watching Eve’s world interact with Roarke’s world in this book, specifically at their party.  It makes me wonder what kind of couples will form between the characters that we’ll see in later novels.  I have no doubt there will be some.  Maybe Baxter and the blonde?  I love Baxter so I would like to see that or see him happy with somebody that he can completely gross Dallas out with!

I also loved Peabody’s reaction to her pink magic coat lol!

Speaking of Peabody.  She has really grown under Eve’s command.  Seeing the way she handled and talked to the main suspect in this book is completely different then how she would have been at the beginning of the series.  It’s nice to see her grow.

“Just shut your mouth, you ignorant twat.”

“Aw, Dallas, he called me a twat. How come you get to be a bitch, but I only get to be a twat.”

“It’s the rank,” Eve told her. “You’ll make bitch one day.” 

“Thanks. That means a lot to me.” 

I really have no complaints about this book.  It was a nice read and I look forward to delving into the next book in the series.