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Dark Protectors, Book #1
By Rebecca Zanetti
ISBN# 9780758259233
Author’s Website:  http://rebeccazanetti.com/

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*Beware of Spoilers*

fated-dark-protectors-rebecca-zanettiSingle mom, Cara, is awakened by her frightened 4 year old warning her about the bad men coming.  She assumes Janie is just having another bad dream until the big vampire, Talen, comes barreling into her house insisting he is there to keep them safe, but they have to leave.  Cara doesn’t know who to trust, but is forced to go with Talen.

The Kurjans, a species of monsters straight out of your worst nightmares, are after Cara and Janie for their unique talents; Cara is an empath and Janie a psychic.  Talen insists the only way to keep Cara safe is if she marries and mates him immediately.  Cara tries to get out of it, but will do anything to protect her child.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the Kurjans from trying to take the girls as they are determined to have Cara and Janie for their very own.  It’s up to Talen and his brothers to stop that from happening, but all bets are off when Cara’s sister goes missing.

This book completely pissed me off.  It started out so strong with Janie waking her mom up and us readers not knowing if Talen was their savior or the one they should be running from.  I found the beginning of this book to be riveting and I didn’t want to put it down.  What happened, you might ask.  One word: Talen.  I absolutely hated Talen, he was an overbearing arrogant asshole.  I thought he would improve as time went on, but he never did.  He was controlling and had a thin triggered temper, getting mad at Cara for the littlest of things (usually disagreeing with him was enough to send him over the edge).  And, he was always quick to use sex for whatever he wanted; punishment (usually) or reward (once in a great while….) and he usually wants Cara to beg for him and he practically forced her half the time.  I about puked when Emma talked Cara into realizing that Talen was one of the ‘good guys’.  Puh leaze!  That is completely a matter of opinion, and one I do not share.  Honestly, I was hoping for Cara to find a way out even though I knew she wouldn’t leave him.  The relationship seemed abusive, even if Talen never hit her, she seemed trapped to me.  And, I was kind of annoyed that she never saw him for what he truly was.

I felt Janie was actually the strongest part of this book, but she was barely in it.  I loved her and Max’s Old Maid rematch, where poor Max got his fingernails painted for losing.

“It’s Okay, Mom.”  The little girl grinned impishly.  “Max will be pretty with pink nails.”

“Oh I brought my A-game,” the vampire snorted as he sat on the other couch.

“Bout Time,” Janie retorted

But overall it just didn’t feel like her mom cared that much anyway.  I have a hard time believing Cara could go from being so upset being away from her from one night to willingly staying at Jordan’s for over five weeks shopping and sparring with Katie, with hardly a thought about Janie.  And, when they were reunited it was so brief and Talen and Cara were off again.

After the initial plot was set into motion, the story quickly became predictable and stale.  I knew that Cara would get taken by Lorcan, when she didn’t have her tracking bracelet on, due to her own stupidity and that she would most likely be knocked up and Talen would have to ride to the rescue….again!

And what about the character Zane?  The author’s last name is Zanetti….coincidence?  Doubtful…

I’m hoping the next installment will be better.  I can only assume it will center around Dage and Emma, both of whom I did like in this book.  I just hope that the author doesn’t ruin Dage and make him mimic Talen’s prickish attitude.  Right now though, I’m not even sure if I can stomach reading another book in this series.