3 Star rating
Fantasy in Death
In Death, Book #30
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780399156243
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fantasy-in-deah-j-d-robbEverybody loves a good game right?  And, the creators of the gaming company U-Play are no different.  In fact, they have found a way to merge play and work, creating the games you can’t stop playing.  But all the fun comes to a crashing halt when the head of the company, Bart Minnock, is murdered while playing one of their games that is in development.  Eve and Peabody are on the case, but can’t find any sign of how the murderer got into Bart’s secured holo-room.

As the investigation continues Eve learns … the impossible could very well be reality.

I thought this was an interesting concept for a book.  I was a little surprised that Robb showed us the cause of Bart’s death so early in the story.  It is definitely something for the avid gamer to think about … especially when considering what the next great thing in the future of gaming could be.  Although I’m not so sure, the hardcore gamer would take the time to read this or any book so it will be left to us readers to do the thinking.

Since we were shown the cause of death early on, the rest of the novel was about discovering who was behind it.  It wasn’t hard to figure out in the grand scheme of things.  But it was still an interesting book as a whole.

We also got to see some great scenes between Eve and Roarke and a few between Peabody and McNab as well.  I enjoy seeing the little quips they make with one another and it gives the series a sense of realism.

“Maybe they’re out doing the tango and drinking tequila shots.” He sent Eve a grin. “As we will be when we reach their age. After which we’ll come home and have mad sex.”

“For God’s sake. This is on the record.”

“Yes, I know.” He stepped off with her on Var’s floor. “I wanted those future plans to be official as well.”

This is another book that any In Death fan will enjoy!