Robert Pattinson Life ( has a very interesting report from the TCA Awards:

During my adventure to the Teen Choice Awards, I learned 10 things.

1. Robert Pattinson is hilarious. (technically, I already knew that, but I was proven correct)
2. Nothing impresses Kristen Stewart (except for Robert Pattinson)
3. Taylor Lautner is bigger and has whiter teeth in person.
4. Nikki Reed loves Ellen Degeneres
5. Kellan Lutz is so huge that it’s almost scary
6. The entire Twilight cast is even better looking in person
7. Zac Efron is uglier in person (although I didn’t find him attractive in the first place)
8. Kevin Jonas has a phone addiction
9. Joe Jonas is a pouter with the breakup blues
10. Nick Jonas is a social butterfly

*BONUS* 11. Catherine Hardwicke cannot keep her hands to herself (when it comes to Robert Pattinson)

During the duration of the Awards, Rob made every sexy face that all of us admirers know and love. At only one point during the show did I catch him look my way, interrupting my staring fest. He quickly averted my gaze. That man has quite a stare. A sexy stare. A stare that could make a woman melt into a puddle. I’ll just stop there before this turns into a dirty novel.

Read the complete article/report here

(thanks claire)

ROTF I love Mandy’s review on the awards. I am so jealous that she got to stare into those sexy eyes.

What do you think of Mandy’s review and the things she learned from the TCA Awards?