Fan-Fiction Highlight: Salvatore and the Slayer

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Fan Fiction Highlight: Salvatore & the Slayer
Author: Jules
Description: The Vampire Diares/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover

What happens when Damon Salvatore and Faith the slayer run into each other on New Year’s Eve in San Francisco? Their sexy worlds collide!
Chapters: 2
Rating: M (NC-17)

Short Preview:

Damon found himself in San Francisco for New Year’s Eve. The holiday was meaningless and of no use to him. The persistent crowds and general exhalations of intoxicated joy were an aggravation.

That being said, he figured he could find some way to amuse himself.

For Damon the city did hold fascination. He found the buzz to be unlike that anywhere else; a vast array of eccentric energies coming together with force.

He wandered the streets as the sounds of the drunken masses intermingled with the sounds of sirens in the distance and close by.

Damon inadvertently ended up in the Castro, and for some reason, he didn’t turn around. Instead, he noticed a place that he caught out of the corner of his eye. Amber. It was rather nondescript compared to the rest of the brightly adorned storefronts. He couldn’t help but walk in.

He breezed past the bouncer, willing his way in without paying a cover. He stood just inside the entrance, checking out the female offerings.

A group of seemingly self-absorbed girls sat in the corner jabbering away about some crappy melodrama they watched on television. Bor-ing.

Many of the women appeared to be with men, although that wasn’t necessarily an obstacle for Damon.

Then he saw her and was immediately intrigued.

She sat at the end of the bar, talking to a red headed bartender that was confined by a leather corset. Kinky, but not his type.

The girl though, well, something about her screamed spunk. Her hair was nearly the color of Katherine’s, but not as long. It was thick and fell below her shoulders with a sleek shine, the slightest amber tint reflected in the yellow haze of the smoky bar. She was sitting so Damon couldn’t fully inspect the lay of the land, but her body looked tight and she was clearly athletic, but still smoldering. A femme fatale.

She looked like she could offer some challenge, a little bite.

Just when Damon was about to intentionally ignore her, she caught him staring. Her eyes held an intensity that he couldn’t deny, and something told him she wouldn’t fall for his games. He changed course, opting for a direct approach, and swaggered up to the bar.

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