This week Katie and I bring you a TTW edition dedicated to the novel’s main male character, Henry DeTamble played by Eric Bana. But we also have something special, it’s just not only fan art, but fan photos too; themed by Audrey Niffenegger’s romantic/sci-fi love story.

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11 by aj-thetimetraveler at DeviantART.

Looking at this picture, all you see is a pile of empty clothes. Knowing that this is Henry’s shirt you get the same feeling as are other feature (Wait For Me). You know Henry exists but you can’t physically see him. But then I looked closer at the picture and you see lines of thread being removed from the shirt. Almost like any evidence of Henry even being alive is getting erased. And I have to add, I love that the owner of this work explains in detail, what was going on while they made this. Talking about what each thing represents. (Katie)

Eric Bana by AhdiasAndI at DeviantART.

Pencil drawings are amazing. I, myself prefer to leave them that way, no color, just black and white. I like how the author of the piece did his eyes; you get the since of a real expression that really looks at you. A very well draw hand, too! (Caro)

Wait For Me by demolitionhannah at DeviantART.

I enjoy this photographer’s concept of The Time Travelers Wife. You can physically see a part of Clare. Showing Clare’s feet allows people to see that she has presence, that she is truly there. While on the other hand, only having Henry’s shoes doesn’t actually give you evidence that someone is there. Just the idea or thought of him is shown in the picture. (Katie)

Inspired by Audrey N. by bluespheres at DeviantART.

My first impression of this photo is that those shoes belong to Henry and his daughter Alba. We want a happy ending for this story and for her to learn from her dad is one more connection between them, something more to share. (Caro)

What do you think of this week’s Fan Art Madness? What do you prefer black/white or colored art? What do you think of the photos? Do they have a TTW vibe?