OBS presents Fan Art Madness. If you haven’t noticed yet, this week we started a new book club featuring Charlaine Harris’s Dead Until Dark a Sookie Stackhouse Novel. In honor of it, Caro and me are show casing some great art work inspired by Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood.

Sookie and Bill byssst on DeviantART.

The author captured a different view of Sookie and Bill’s relation; it gives you a calm sensation and the feeling of love between them. I liked how she used the lanterns to illuminate the graveyard and how they hang from the tree’s branches. The shadows and lights on the clothes and trees look great. And the True Blood bottle is a good detail. (Caro)

Sookie Stackhouse by Odins-Girl on DeviantART.

Here we have Sookie in her work setting. I like how this artist drew what they saw in there head, opposed to using True Blood as a reference. Also the giving Sookie a peeved off look was great. (Katie)

True Blood: Eric and Godric by illli on DeviantART.

Even in its simplicity, this picture is still great. I absolutely love how even though they used True Blood to guild them while making this, its still their own. They don’t look exactly like Eric and Godric from True Blood. (Katie)

True Blood: Eric by illli on DeviantART.

I like how his hair was left long and the expression on his face shows the years he has been through. The author used dark, gray and white colors that gives him an elegant style. A nice way to picture Eric, but he has kind of a sad look. Good technique and handle of lights and shadows. (Caro)

What did you think of these pieces? Which one is your favorite?