This week we’re bringing you the second part of our Fan Art Madness: Sookie Stackhouse Series/True Blood Edition. We have more of Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of characters that you all love. Enjoy!

Sookie Stackhouse by ~ClearWillow on DeviantArt.

This is a super cute version of Sookie, actually while reading the books I imagined her kind of like this. The artist does a great job at shading. I really like the simplicity. (Katie)

True Blood: Eric and Pam by ~cogdis on DeviantArt.

I absolutely love everything about this piece! The background, though simple it just adds to the mood. The fact that Eric and Pam look really pale, like real vampires is awesome! And I adore how Pam’s dress looks. Plain and simple, this is just fantastic! (Katie)

Fanart True Blood by ~Marc-G on DeviantArt.

I like that the author showed us a previews sketch of what it would look like. The final result looks amazing and it resembles in its way to the TV characters. The clothes and their expressions look amazing, and we even get some tension between Eric, Sookie and Bill 😉 A very detailed piece. (Caro)

True Blood – Eric by *kampfkohlrabi on DeviantArt.

The different facets of Eric, and I must say that I liked how he looked with long her even though he looks great with short hair. The author captured good his facial expressions, the light and shadows of the hair are also very detailed, but my favorite is the one on the right. (Caro)

What do you think of this week’s Fan Art Madness? Which one was your favorite?