A new month means all new fan art from a whole other theme. This month we bring you Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Rick Riordan’s fantasy books bring us to the whole new world of Greek myth and gods. If you’re an avid lover of all ancient mythology, you’ll love these books. If you aren’t, well let’s see if you enjoy the fan art.

Percy Jackson: Dark Magic by Kreama Suzuki on deviantART.

Caro and Katie are off this week and therefore you are stuck with my opinions (which sucks for all these people, since I go to art college). Anyways, I’m a huge fan of anime done right, which this is. The extreme perspective looks pretty awesome and the colors are just right. I love how the other characters appear on his magic cards btw.

651: The Lightning Thief by Minmuchan on deviantART.

Okay so I know this is a quick sketch, but it’s still pretty amazing. Yes the hands could use some work, but that’s the hardest part damnit. I really love the sketch quality and the pure fact that the artist wrote probably a page of text onto her paper by hand, is thumbs up in my book. It really adds to the chaotic feel that the image has… even if it isn’t proportionally perfect. It’s art damnit.

Nico Di Angelo by 4 Ever Freedom on deviantART.

This artwork has some really cool pen work. I hate pens since the work you do is so permanent and i’m a perfectionist at heart. This artist has a really good head for colors and shadows. While the artist could use some anatomy lessons, overall I think this is a really strong piece. That skull is awesome btw, just saying.

Nereid by Samshank0453 on deviantART.

I’m almost 100% sure that this was done in photoshop or some other digital illustration program. Considering this person goes to an art design college and this was for a Illustration Concepts class, I’m going to be brutal. The perspective is incredible accurate here and the hair flows beautifully, but I almost wish it wasn’t so green (but hey it’s underwater right?). The lighting is beautiful on this piece, but she needs some extreme dark shadows to add contrast.

I really love Percy Jackson for our book club. If you’re interested as well, check out our forum post HERE.

What do you think of the fan art? Are you impressed by any of these artist? I know I am.