We’re ending this month full of love with one more edition based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Again we’re bringing you only drawings based on what the fans of the books imagined the characters would be. I hope some of you have already seen the movie and gives OBS your reviews. Enjoy!

ID Percy and Annabeth by Anaklusmos-Riptide on DeviantArt.

Im really starting to get into the anime style drawing. And this is a great example! I love their expressions, it looks like there ready for action. But I would have liked to see Percy with Riptide, since Annabeth has different props. (Katie)

The Last Olympian by MusicalCombusken on DeviantArt.

I like the elements the author used for this piece; the Pegasus, the sword and the tower all represent and give a good visual to the imagination of the viewer that it has something to do with Percy Jackson. The way all of the other colors are grays and blacks and then when it come to the sword it changes, making the gold separate it from the rest. The wings of the Pegasus also have a good technique that gives them more movement. (Caro)

Pjato-Hades by IrrationalPrince on DeviantArt.

Ok I just have to say, this is Epic. Hahaha, I can’t help it I have a soft spot for the Disney classics. I have the same probem as the artist, Hades will always have flaming hair to me. While reading Percy Jackson this is pretty much what I picture Hades to look like. (Katie)

Battle of Labyrinth Set 1 by Kebun-Angan on DeviantArt.

I like black and white drawings and how some have the ability to give every element their own space, because it is sometimes hard to add the right shadows and lights in the right places. It’s good that these drawings were made before the movie that way we can have our own vision of how we imagine the characters. An amazing job. (Caro)

I loved Hades flaming hair! What do you think of today’s Fan Art? Any of these your favorite?

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