OBS presents Fan Art Madness. In celebration of OBS’s last New Moon November week Caro and I are bringing you a fan art inspired by the movie New Moon. Last week we had a great group of pictures that showed what people thought the characters should look like, this week we have a few  drawings that are more inspired by the movie.

New Moon by mochriadhemiach on DeviantART.

I love how people use amazingly this drawing technique. Every detail and the shadows in the right place make it look great. The artist must have a good eye to capture the actors so similar and their expressions look amazing, even the tattoo on Jacob’s shoulder looks good. What a pencil can do. (Caro)

Jandb new moon by divinestsky on DeviantART.

The artist of this does a great job at showing the emotion in Bella’s eyes. Having the picture in black and white adds even more to the drawing. They also do a great job with paying attention to detail. (Katie)

Alice by palnk on DeviantART.

Great example of Alice and her yellow Porsche. I like how one of the expected thing fans wanted to see was the yellow Porsche scenes and it’s curious how the cars in this movie play quite an interesting role. The artist did a good job with the details of the car and Alice, she has her short pixie hair and I like how mostly all fans have a same mental image oh her. (Caro)

New Moon by xXEkiXx on DeviantART.

I absolutely love this picture! They show all the major characters in New Moon, Bella and Edward, Jacob, and The Volturi. What really gets me is how they did Jacob, having a heart in his hand and have it bleeding. Plus the colors look awesome! (Katie)

Weren’t these pieces great! The first two really looked good, exactly like the actors. Which ones were your favorite? What did you like about them?